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Talentor offers executive search and HR consulting in 19 European countries. Our consultants have excellent knowledge of local candidates and labor markets in various sectors. Our technological advantage is our candidate management software "eRecruiter". It enables cross border search in our database for high-qualified candidates.

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About Talentor

Talentor is an executive search and recruitment company for middle and upper management positions. We focuse on services in the information technology, finance, FMCG, energy, industry,  health care and medical  industries. The company was founded in 2003. Currently, Talentor’s main markets are Scandinavia, the Baltic states, Central and Southeastern Europe. Since January 2016 we have a strong partner in Asia/China.

Traditional recruiting with innovative tools

Talentor consultants support their clients to find and select the best talents for their businesses. We achieve this by offering innovative customer tailored services in recruitment and direct search.  Talentor uses a wide range of recruitment media channels thus ensuring the selection of the most appropriate medium to achieve the best results possible in each situation.

Our company’s success is based on profound knowledge of the recruitment market, a customer-oriented approach and a strong technological platform and candidate management software. We focus on reliable, fast and professional customer service.

Respect, loyalty,  integrity, quality, exemplary behavior

All Talentor activities are rooted in a set of core values.
We aim to be the best in everything we do. This includes people, technology, processes, service quality and innovativeness. It also includes paying attention to details such as venues for events, computers we use for work and the offices we have….everything should reflect quality and high standards; this is our aim and we will always strive to achieve it. We are quick in adapting new ideas and putting them into practice. We are hungry for creating new business opportunities. Despite thise we carry out our activities in line with our ethical principles and compliance rules.

Our People

We believe in talent – and talent is not just what we measure in earnings but a lot more. We aim to establish successful teams consisting of many kinds of talents; selling, consulting, researching, assisting and developing. Diversity and focusing on individual talents is a key element at Talentor!
The recruitment, development and retention of Talentor employees are crucial to the success and future success of Talentor. Each and every member of the Talentor team is highly valued and Talentor invests in the individual development of each person. Strong values and accompanied by a competent HR strategy and management are our most important tools in this work.
We Provide Value – we deliver added value to clients, candidates and our colleagues.


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Sabine Steiner  is your Contact person:

Sabine Steiner is our Partner Manager and is responsible for ensuring that our network continues to grow. She supports our partners in developing their businesses and presents new approaches and trends in executive search methods.


Your benefits:

Learning from the best in your industry

Carrying out cross-border searches with high-quality, reliable partners

Getting inspired by new trends and innovative approaches


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