A New Paradigm for Recruiting – Candidate Experience

Why the Candidate Experience as a Customer Experience Makes or Breaks Your Team Managers and entrepreneurs have ambitious and demanding goals. They know that the right team is critical to success. After all, recruiting the right employees is the greatest force multiplier that managers and entrepreneurs have. Yet many leaders struggle to find and win over the … read more

>> Michael Sarsteiner

New Talentor Partner in the USA: Bridging the Gap Between Europe and the USA

European Companies to Profit from More than 25 Years of Intercultural Experience with Talentor USA Talentor jumped over the Atlantic in the beginning of February when new partner Heinz Georg founded Talentor USA, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland. Heinz has more than 15 years of experience in executive search. His focus is manufacturing companies in German-speaking … read more

Neuer Talentor Partner in USA: ein Experte im DACH und Fach

Betriebe in Europa profitieren von 25 Jahren interkultureller Erfahrung Anfang Februar schaffte Talentor den großen Sprung über den Atlantik. Heinz Georg gründete Talentor USA, Inc in Baltimore, Maryland. Herr Georg  hat mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung im Executive Search. Sein Fokus sind dabei produzierende Betriebe im DACH Raum, die Fach- und Führungskräfte für amerikanische Standorte … read more

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