Dahl & Kjærgaard – A NEW partner in Denmark

by Sabine Steiner in — July 2017
Stop the presses! There is exciting news from Denmark. One of the best executive search companies in this Scandinavian country joined Talentor in June 2017.
Jesper Dahl Hede

Decades of Recruiting Experience in Denmark and US

Jesper Dahl is a co-founder of Dahl & Kjærgaard Human Resources and has more than 25 years of experience in all aspects of HRM, organisational development and strategy. Jesper has expertise in staffing, retention, career development, performance management, teaching and consulting. His experience ranges from start-ups to established companies of varying sizes and in various industries. Before starting his own business, Jesper held several management positions with the Bank of Ireland and Citizen Bank in the US.

Emp Dk Jesper Dahl
Kristian Kjærgaard

Internationally Renowned Executive Coach and Trainer

For more than 15 years, Kristian Kjærgaard has inspired and helped people on their journey towards higher self-esteem, greater self-knowledge and authentic drive in his function as an executive coach.

In addition to personal development, Kristian also works with clients on management and employee development, team building, personal analysis and recruitment. He has been conducting intensive 3-4-week personal development courses all over the world since 2009.

Emp Dk Kristian Kjærgaard

A Team of Experts Finding the Best Talent in Denmark

Dahl & Kjærgaard find – and recruit – the best talent in Denmark with their team of 14 people. Now as part of the international network Talentor, they have the flexibility to reach out to the best candidates globally with almost no limits.

Their proven, transparent and structured approach to retained search is now available to their global partners in Talentor, who have exclusive access to their specialised search consultants and dedicated research team.

Success That Speaks for Itself

Dahl & Kjærgaard’s 20+ year track record of achievement makes them an authority on hiring and retained search. Their clients are leading organisations – from the most innovative start-ups to some of the most recognised Danish and global brands – and they appreciate that D&K provides a complete overview of what’s available in the market and their commitment to only taking on searches they are confident they can complete successfully.

And they have the client references to prove it! http://www.dk-hr.dk/about-us