eRecruiter is the best recruiting software of Germany in 2016!

by Sabine Steiner in — November 2016
The Institute for Competitive Recruiting (ICR), Heidelberg surveyed over 10,000 people last year, the first benchmark of its kind in Germany. More than four hundred customers answered questions on the use and experience of their recruiting systems and provided a detailed assessment of the solution they have used to manage applicants.

1st place in two of three categories

Excellent! The eRecruiter ranked first in 2 of 3 categories (under 1000 employees and between 1000 and 10000 employees). The results show that eRecruiter is 20% better than other recruiting tools.

The customers evaluated numerous functions like automatic recording of applicant data (CV-parsing), data security, internationality, collaboration with other recruiters, user friendliness for a recruiter, use of a talent pool in the system, search for potential candidates in external sources, Publish advertisements on their own career website and job portals.

The pleasing results for eRecruiter software:

Challenge for the best recruiting software

Blog 2016 Erecuiter Software
Blog 2016 Erecuiter Software2

The eRecruiter does not only serve companies in the D-A-CH region. It can also name international customers who use the recruiting software for finding and hiring the best talents.

The report of 2016 from ICR will soon be available HERE.

Awards for the best in Cologne in October 2016

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