How to achieve success in an international network of headhunters?

by Alberto Fernández Varela in — April 2023
Usually, the success of any business activity is conditioned by two important aspects: strategic definition and people's attitude. An international headhunting activity, like the one represented by Talentor International, is not different at all. The international strategy of each of the companies that form this association of firms is different and inherent to each of them. However, the attitude of the people who represent them within the network has a common denominator as a basis for achieving success in cross-border business.
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Here are some personal reflections after almost three years of belonging to one of the largest international networks of headhunting companies in the world:

Reputation is a marathon.

This is not achieved in a day, a week, or even a month...and probably takes a couple of years to achieve. Reputation is worked on every day and is the key that opens the door to trust in international relationships. That is, a company in the network entrusts you with the responsibility of talent search for its clients, you achieved this through high quality work standards, strict compliance with deadlines, excellent communication, and ultimate customer satisfaction. This is a matter of attitude. Otherwise, it is not possible to achieve international reputation. And if this does not work, your international service will not work.

Adaptability is the basis of the relationship.

No two markets are the same. No two cultures are the same. No two companies are the same. And of course, no two people are the same. Your ability to adapt your business structure, or your international operating team, to the idiosyncrasies of the country with which you collaborate, will allow you to travel a good part of the way to success. Rigidity in processes, negotiations, or approaches are very good reasons for the failure of international relationships. This is achieved with the right attitude.

Those who give the most receive the most.

This is, perhaps, a maxim in human and associative relationships in general. Relationships based on international cooperation must be based on helping a third party generate business to indirectly achieve your own. Under no circumstances should you implement a strategy to solely be a direct recipient of business. The operation and results obtained will be meager and short-term. A selfish attitude, in no way, favors international business.

Sharing information and knowledge.

Knowledge of the local market, the accumulated business experience in the local market over the years, and the generous attitude of sharing it with a company that performs the same activity in a different market, is fundamental to consolidate a good international relationship. It is essentially a matter of investing time in this task to facilitate cross-border business. Time is invested by people with the right attitude.

Fostering personal relationships.

An international business ecosystem is based on human relationships, the interaction of people, both in the professional and personal spheres. I would even dare to say that the latter are the most important and consolidate future business between the parties. To achieve this, it is not only a matter of investing time, but also having the right attitude.

In short, international businesses should not only be based on business strategy but also on the attitude of the people driving those businesses... and this is the basis of Talentor International's success, the attitude of the people.

Alberto Fernández Varela
CEO Servitalent
Talentor Spain