Interim Management in Cross-Border Operations

by Pio Iglesias Carrera in — October 2020
Interim managers are experts and top executives who are used when competent advice and efficient implementation are required in equal measure. The market for it is growing.
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Interim Management in Cross-Border Operations

Over the past few years, we have seen the interim management market grow by double digits both in Spain and in other parts of the world. Likewise, companies have further tightened the process of internationalization of their activities. Both Spanish companies and foreign companies set up in Spain we well as venture capital operations are doing this.

This is because competition no longer understands borders. Markets have fewer and fewer barriers. Companies are trying to provide a service or sell a product globally, but are counting on local talent who knows the market and the idiosyncrasies and the regulations of each country, and the talent with the most appropriate expertise. Therefore, more interim managers are being hired for cross-border operations.

The main advantages of using interim managers for this type of operation are:

  1. Companies can access professionals who are experts on certain subjects and have experiences in the specific circumstances in each particular country.
  2. These professionals have deep local knowledge of local regulations, networks of contacts, company culture, sector, competition, etc.
  3. In many cases, they have international career experience, which helps them understand what they are looking for when they begin to offer your services or sell your products.
  4. Sometimes, a specific kind of expertise is being looked for in a country that is strong in a particular industry. For example, German companies look to Spain for professionals who are experts to guide the development of their factories in Mexico.
  5. Since the jobs have a fixed duration and interim managers usually no longer have family responsibilities, international mobility suits them perfectly and is much faster.
  6. Moving professionals they already have saves companies a lot of expenses and learning time and speeds up results because the professionals have done it before and have a total approach to achieving the agreed objectives.

In conclusion, talent management through the provision of interim management services increasingly requires more integrated international networks, such as the Talentor International network of headhunters of which we are part, in order to provide a global service. This gives you the professional with the expertise you need when you need it and for the time you need it anywhere in the world and with a much greater likelihood of success.


Pio Iglesias Carrera

Organization Development Manager of Servitalent