Welcome to our new member, Sabrina as Managing Consultant from Jan 2020!

by Sabine Steiner in — January 2020
Sabrina spent 12 years in TEAMS Design, a leading product strategy design studio from Germany. She builds her in-depth understanding and expertise in business management from working through many different fields – administration, finance, project controlling, talent acquisition and development.
Sabrina Bao

Having seen a company starting up from scratch and turned into a big success, Sabrina believes that good business is relying on a team of high-performing talents. She is passionate about placing the right person (there is no “good” or “bad”, but just “right”) to the right position. That passion leads her to join Talentor China team.

Sabrina loves her family, especially her 3-year daughter. Reading about and learning the education of children has become one of her new “Fun” among others like watching movies and travelling.