From Refugee to Employer: A Success Story with Valuable Lessons

Few events have captured the imagination in recent years like the arrival of refugees who came to Europe in large numbers in the summer of 2015. Ever since a polarized public seems only to discuss whether humanitarian duty outweighs the expense of welfare and integration courses. Often completely forgotten: the women and men who arrived … read more

>> Gerhard Stähler

New Talentor Partner in the USA: Bridging the Gap Between Europe and the USA

European Companies to Profit from More than 25 Years of Intercultural Experience with Talentor USA Talentor jumped over the Atlantic in the beginning of February when new partner Heinz Georg founded Talentor USA, Inc. in Baltimore, Maryland. Heinz has more than 15 years of experience in executive search. His focus is manufacturing companies in German-speaking … read more

Neuer Talentor Partner in USA: ein Experte im DACH und Fach

Betriebe in Europa profitieren von 25 Jahren interkultureller Erfahrung Anfang Februar schaffte Talentor den großen Sprung über den Atlantik. Heinz Georg gründete Talentor USA, Inc in Baltimore, Maryland. Herr Georg  hat mehr als 15 Jahre Erfahrung im Executive Search. Sein Fokus sind dabei produzierende Betriebe im DACH Raum, die Fach- und Führungskräfte für amerikanische Standorte … read more

Annual Management Workshop – Talentor China

Talentor Reno China offers Management Workshop Last year we had the pleasure of organising a workshop on “How to build a winning technical sales team”. The workshop was filled with a very diverse group of individuals, which generated a lot of interesting questions and discussion during the roundtable with various industry experts. During this workshop, … read more

Stress in management positions

The company Talentor Croatia continuously monitors developments in the labour market and has recently conducted a survey on the subject of stress in management positions. The goal of the research was to examine the most common stressors in management positions, and to examine the tendency for the occupational burnout syndrome. The survey was completed by … read more

Stres na rukovodećim pozicijama

Tvrtka Talentor Hrvatska kontinuirano prati kretanja na tržištu rada te je nedavno provela istraživanje na temu Stresa na rukovodećim pozicijama. Cilj istraživanja je bio ispitati najčešće stresore na rukovodećim pozicijama te ispitati sklonost ka sindromu profesionalnog sagorijevanja. Anketu je popunilo 384 rukovoditelja (34% direktora i članovi uprava, 46% srednji menadžment, 16% najniži menadžment i oko … read more

Talentor got new partners in Netherlands and Switzerland

Talentor extends its international network: The global executive search specialist is now working with a Dutch partner, Gert Gronewoud (Bosco Verde), and the Swiss consulting company MAS Management Assets Services, Reto Bleisch. The experienced consultants from both countries want to profit from the Talentor network and intend to expand their international executive search projects by … read more

eRecruiter is the best recruiting software of Germany in 2016!

Challenge for the best recruiting software The Institute for Competitive Recruiting (ICR), Heidelberg surveyed over 10,000 people last year, the first benchmark of its kind in Germany. More than four hundred customers answered questions on the use and experience of their recruiting systems and provided a detailed assessment of the solution they have used to … read more

How to be a STAR interviewer?

Imagine the situation where you have two equally good candidates for managing position – they have roughly the same working experience and psychological traits. How would you pick the right candidate for the job?   For managing positions some competencies are more important than others, like leadership, communication and problem solving skills. For evaluating these … read more

Otvorena radionica „Prepreke u komunikaciji i kako ih prevladati“

„Mislimo da slušamo i kad ne slušamo jer imamo uši i primamo zvukove. To je jednako kao da mislimo da znamo čitati jer imamo oči i vidimo slova.“ Kad bi Vas netko upitao „Znate li komunicirati?“ vjerojatno biste sa začuđenim izrazom lica brzo odgovorili jednim skromnim „Da“, a neki bi i hrabro nadodali „Da, naravno!“. … read more

Video interview tips for job hunters – guidelines for candidates

Sometimes you, as a candidate, might be asked to: 1.    make pre-recorded videos 2.    have the real-time video-interview with the recruiter 3.    make a video-resume about yourself If you are really interested to get that job, take the video interview as serious as it would be face-to face interview. Here you’ll find some tips how … read more

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