Rösti, Watches … and Talentor

by Andy Andrews in — July 2018
For years now, Talentor partners across the globe have associated Switzerland with buttery potato rösti, accurate watches, and Reto Bleisch, our partner in Switzerland. On the occasion of Reto’s retirement, it is time to update that picture.

Modern and Multicultural with Deep Expertise

Those words describe Talentor perfectly, and our new partner in Switzerland, too. Starting in July 2018, Signa Reidla is taking over Reto’s business, step-by-step.

Signa hails from Estonia, where she studied medicine and law, before moving to Switzerland about fifteen years ago to join the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry. After gaining a wide range of experiences at both a global heavyweight in the pharmaceutical industry and a medium-sized company in the same space, she found her true passion in consulting, recruitment and executive search.

Blog 2018 Zurich

Life Sciences Background for Life Skills Foreground

Signe’s studies and experience in the life sciences have not just given her expertise that is useful in the pharmaceutical industry. In her own words, “My medical background has given me a good structure for working. You have to get to the point and understand the big picture. This helps with both clients and candidates, who notice that I have been on both sides of the table.”

A big dose of pragmatism combined with can-do attitude characterizes her approach. Laughing, Signe tells the story of the “mission impossible” flight. “We left a meeting in downtown Helsinki at 3 PM Friday and our flight was at 3:45 PM. You need at least 30 minutes to get to the airport. The roads were already jammed with people heading to their country homes. Everyone else was trying to decide whether to get a hotel in town or rebook the flight first. I did not hesitate; I rushed everyone into a taxi … and we made the flight!”

Destined to be an Entrepreneur

As she notes herself, Signe comes from a long line of entrepreneurs and medical professionals. This made becoming a business owner a natural step for her in January 2018. Her beginning her entrepreneurial journey was also a big motivation for joining Talentor. Signe explains:

I am excited to be in a community of liked-minded business owners. It is very enriching to see how others manage their businesses and learn best practices from them.

Signa Reidla, Talentor Switzerland
Blog 2018 Signe Reidla

When asked to name which Talentor location she would most like to visit, her eyes light up. “I would most like to visit Baltimore. Or Sao Paulo. Or Hangzou. Anywhere I’ve never been before. There is always so much to discover.”

Trilingual Home Brings Her Passions Together

Signe’s international lifestyle continues at home. “I love spending my free time with my daughter, who is five, and my son, who is nine. My passion is helping them develop and exposing them to sports and other cultures. In the mornings, we speak Swiss German. In the afternoons, we speak English with the American nanny, and in the evenings, we speak Estonian.”

Signe continues, “I also love to cook! Mexican food, Italian, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese. Of course, kids being kids, sometimes all they will eat is rösti.” As Signe smiles, you cannot help but think: she combines an international perspective with deep local expertise. What a perfect match for the Talentor network!

Photo Credit (Zurich): Pedro Szekely, CC BY-SA 2.0 License