Talentor Spain - A new Partner in the South of Europe

by Sabine Steiner in — October 2017
The famous coastal city of Barcelona is home to our latest Talentor partner: SALTOR Leadership and Talent. The 6-strong team brings more than 15 years of experience in executive search in Spain, Europe and Latin America to the table.

​Talentor Welcomes Saltor into the Fold: Connecting Spain and South America!

Founder Iñaki Saltor cut his teeth in the world of HR both as a manager and a head hunter in Spain, Brazil, Mexico, and the Netherlands. Perhaps that is why he takes such an international perspective: “In general terms, the same aspects are important in executive search in all different countries. Furthermore, globalization means that local candidates often have had experiences abroad.”

Iñaki’s expertise in the executive search branch is founded on his passion for the business. He notes, “I love the dedication it takes to develop a deep understanding of the culture of a company. Only when you know their best internal talent can you accurately and objectively find the best new talents to fit into that culture. The reward for the hard work is a sustainable placement that rewards the company with great success and the candidate with personal satisfaction.”

With that approach, it is no wonder than Iñaki prides himself in finding a match who fits perfectly to an organization’s mission and long-term vision. In doing so, Iñaki does not shy away from hard choices.

Iñaki Saltor

Knowing Clients Better than They Know Themselves

Iñaki notes, “We recently searched for a General Manager with a particularly demanding profile. Initially, the client was unwilling to pay a sufficient salary, and we told him that from the outset. We presented 4 candidates: 2 who fit the profile and 2 who were less perfect matches, but were willing to work for less. In the end, our client understood that he would get a better return on investment with the ‘more expensive’ candidate.”

Emp Es Inaki Saltor Bw

Because Saltor was so well acquainted with the client’s culture and goals, the team could give the client what the business needed instead of merely what it asked for. The client got exactly the right candidate, and the candidate feels at home in the new role.

Strategic Jobs: Even More Important in the Future

The executive search industry has an ever-bigger role to play as the economy changes, according to Iñaki, “I believe that more and more work will be robotized and digitized. The remaining jobs will be increasingly strategic. Organizations will need more professionalized processes for attracting and evaluating talent. That is the role that Saltor Talent plays.”

To support the development of these critical roles, Saltor Talent also offers career counselling to executives. As Iñaki puts it, “Our job is not just to make a placement, but to guide executives to feel happier and more complete,” inspiring words from the newest member of the Talentor network!