Talentor Welcomes YESS International Consultants, Our New Dutch Partner

by Sabine Steiner in — May 2019
The Netherlands is a well-known powerhouse when it comes to international services and trade. Discover what makes YESS International Consultants a perfect match for Talentor in this interview with consultants Edith Koetsier and Margreth Jonk.

How would you describe YESS in a nutshell?

YESS was founded in 1993. Today, our team of 16 people is leading executive search firm specialized in creating added value through identifying, assessing and securing high potentials, high value managers and senior executives for multinationals, medium sized companies (PE or family owned) and professional services firms.

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Who is a typical client for you?

YESS works for a wide range of clients in numerous different industries like Consumer & Retail, Financial Services, Digital & Tech and Industrial. We typically work for international mid-sized companies, mostly private equity, family owned or listed.

What is a typical profile that you recruit?

We mainly work with professionals, managers, directors and board members. Our candidates typically hold an academic degree and have a minimum of about 10 years of work experience. They are highly skilled and ambitious, ready to make the next step in their careers.

What surprises foreign companies the most when they are recruiting specialists in the Netherlands?

Dutch professionals are highly skilled, motivated and ambitious and dedicated to their jobs. What surprises some foreign companies is that Dutch professional are fairly autonomous and not impressed by hierarchical relationships. They are quite direct and open in their opinions and are not shy to share them.

What are the most frequent intercultural problems?

As the Dutch in general are internationally oriented, they do not often cause big cultural misunderstandings. They only thing that could cause problems is that they are, compared to some other cultures, quite direct and open in conversations. This could be a difficult match with cultures in which professionals are somewhat cautious in giving their opinion in a blunt way.

What is your favourite thing about living in Amsterdam?

Margreth: My favourite thing is biking along the canals on a quiet Sunday morning.

Edith: Amsterdam is very diverse and everything is close by. I love having access to the best the world has to offer in many fields (nature, cultural, techno, entertainment etc.).

Emp NL Edith Koetsier
Emp NL Margreth Jonk

Why did you decide to join the Talentor network?

We have been active in the Dutch market for more than 30 years and work for interesting clients. Our clients ask us frequently whether we can help them outside of the Netherlands. By joining Talentor we will be able to offer them excellent executive search services worldwide.

What do you enjoy doing in your leisure time?

Margreth: I am very fond of my dog Harper and like to make long walks with her. Furthermore I enjoy very much playing tennis on the beautiful tennis courts in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam.

Edith: I enjoy working in my (or other people’s) garden. The power and resilience of nature give me a lot of energy.

Talentor would like to thank Edith and Margreth for this interview and invites you to visit the Talentor Netherlands location page for more information!