The Web security expert has become the strategic partner of businesses

by Giovanna Marena in — August 2018
Due to the exponential increase of computer networks and the explosion of computer connections in our everyday lives, the role of security experts becomes more and more important, in particular with regard to information security.

Cyber Security Experts needed!

In March 2018, the twelfth edition of Rapporto CLUSIT on information security, which analyses the information security incidents which occurred over the course of 2017, was presented. The study - prepared based on data analysed between 2011 and 2017 - paints a disturbing picture in terms of both the number of cases and their severity. This means that we have to cope with ever more serious and dangerous attacks.

These facts establish the need for companies to include cyber security experts in their staff as they will be fundamental for data protection and management, one of the most important branches of the digital industry, both worldwide and in Italy. The most sought-after jobs include security manager, alongside Blockchain expert and Data scientist.

Different positions are encompassed: from ICT security manager to information security manager, from chief information security officer to data protection officer (DPO), from process analyst to Web security expert, who has the task of setting up, monitoring and maintaining the security of network systems. Web security experts are hired by public and private companies, non-profit organisations, schools, governments, etc. to implement policies and systems that will help protect applications, web servers, data and related processes from malware, spyware, hackers and other cyber risks.

The first task of this role would be to analyse the reference IT context and, depending on the company's policy, propose and implement appropriate protection by performing corresponding tests, such as penetration tests. The duties of the Web security expert include checking available computers and networks, redacting security policies, meeting the parties concerned, installing computer software and analysing network traffic.

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Required Skills

What skills are required for the role of a Web security expert? Most job offer descriptions regarding this field request a degree in IT or in information science and technologies. The university courses which prepare future graduates to execute this role in a professional manner include content such as information systems, technologies and languages for the web, network safety, database management, operating systems, network protocols and economical, ethical, social and legal aspects related to the IT profession. Job applicants are often requested to have certifications for specific hardware or software types, in particular for products such as Cisco or Windows or Linux operating systems.

Web security experts must have very high analytical and problem-solving skills. Furthermore, they must have excellent communication skills, given that the communication of policies and procedures to computer users represents an important part of their job. In fact, it is one of their tasks to train users and increase their awareness of security-related issues. They take care of analysing possible attacks and information security incidents and defining technical security requirements. Based on their findings, they carry out specific operator training with the aim of increasing awareness and updating all members of the organisation on web security topics. “Networks must become faster, more secure and adapt to changes rapidly”, says Chuck Robbins, Ceo of Cisco, at the Cisco Live 2018 conference in Orlando. Robbins also affirms that “networks must be platforms which are safe, at various levels, in order to become true strategic partners of companies”.

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