Together we are much stronger: The experience working as Talentor International partners

by Manto Antoniotti Solares in — May 2021
We firmly believe that every new contact, every new connection can enrich our lives. Networks are part of our lives. What we make out of these contacts that cross our lives is up to us. If you do not use them, you will lose one of life's most valuable treasures. Here is a good example of what you can take away from networks.

From Spain to the world

Recently in Talentor Spain, we had the opportunity to work together in two different executive search processes, the first one with Talentor Germany and the second one with Talentor USA. Both collaborative experiences were unique in their own way, not only because they were related to different target groups, but because each process has its own challenges, learning and most importantly because we had the opportunity to evaluate and improve, each of us, our international search process to try to become better for our clients all around the world.

Here we want to share the video interviews that we made to Gerhard Stahler, CEO of Talentor Germany, and Ken Schmitt, the CEO of TurningPoint Executive Search - Talentor USA (San Diego), where they talk about the most important factors to consider by foreign companies when looking for talent in both countries, the main differences in a search process between Spain and both countries (Germany and USA) and the complete experience itself, an experience that Ken Schmitt describes as very smooth and educational for both of us partners.

We really appreciate what they had to say about our collaborative experience because as Gerhard Stahler said during the interview it is good to have these experiences together, but it’s better to talk about it to the rest of our Talentor International partners, clients and candidates.

Let's hope that this is just the beginning of many collaborations with them and that we can have the opportunity to do this more often!

For further input on why networks are so great - here are the 5 important reasons!

Talentor Germany Testimony::
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