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Acting with integrity and responsibility is an indispensable and key element of our corporate culture. We show our customers that Talentor employees are reliable, fair, open partners! In case of doubt we would rather forgo concluding certain contracts than entering into business which conflicts with our principles.

Michael Sarsteiner, CEO Talentor International


Integrity is a value we practice

Integrity and responsible behavior is an essential and fundamental part of the corporate culture of Talentor.  For us integrity is more important than the short-term business success in business. In the interest of all stakeholders, such as shareholders and employees, these activities are aimed at protecting the company from enormous financial damages and a considerable loss of reputation.

In addition to the legal requirements, we adhere to the Code of Conduct and compliance policies of Talentor International. These clear rules of conduct for employees and for the overall management define the correct handling of all partners of the company. In any case, we act honestly, fairly and transparently.

Strong internal and external signal

The second approach complements the rules. Everyone knows that there is not necessarily a rule in place for every situation where a decision has to be made. But how do we behave in cases that have not been regulated in advance? The answer: ethically and with integrity, or “honest. fair. transparent.”! For us integrity means far more than simply implementing rules and guidelines. It is a question of our corporate culture. So that this can eventually become a matter of course, “integrity” has been incorporated into the Talentor values and is reflected in our personnel policy. Integrity stands above short-term business success. In case of doubt we would rather forgo concluding certain contracts than entering into business which conflicts with our principles.

Project Business

In international projects, it is particularly important to comply with consistently high compliance standards.
At Talentor, the project business is subject to strict regulations for release worldwide. This significant legal, ethical, technical, economic, commercial and contractual criteria are systematically involved in the decision. To ensure compliance with the rules for the project business, Talentor has implemented a process that specifies the approval process throughout the company. This is a high quality of decision – be achieved – whether and how a project is offered.


Sabine Steiner  is your Contact person:

Sabine Steiner is our Partner Manager and is responsible for ensuring that our network continues to grow. She supports our partners in developing their businesses and presents new approaches and trends in executive search methods.


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