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The meaning of roles in finance in companies is in continual development prompted by the increasing importance of transparency, rapid advances in technology, and uncertain economic and geopolitical conditions. In this fast-paced environment, organizations must be prepared to go to battle for top talent. Our clients need agile, strategic leaders who can excel through change are essential. When you are interested in an international career in finance please register here and add your experience in a certain industry! Please do not send an email to the contact person only register in the database!

What roles are we looking for?

  • Vice President Finance

  • Chief Financial Officer

  • Finance Director

  • Chief of Accounting

  • Senior Accountant

  • Controller

  • Director of Capital Markets

  • Chief Risk Officer

  • Investment Manager

  • Investment Associate

  • Analyst Corporate Development (M&A Strategy)

Please be aware that it will take some time until you get a concrete Job offer as this is just a registration to a candidate pool where our consultants can search for candidates if there is a vacancy!!!

When registering our database please make sure your career profile is complete and includes the following elements:

  1. A CV (Curriculum Vitae): The CV is the only part that counts in the application phase. The perfect CV aims to convince the headhunter of your skills (hard & soft skills), professional experience and training in an appealing and well-structured form. And since your appearance is also important in addition to professional competence, an application photo - in the form of a professional half-portrait - should be part of your application.
  2. Salary expectations: Please include your salary expectations as gross salary per year. You can either specify a range in the application - for example "between 35,000 and 40,000" or a fixed amount.
  3. Certificates, references & work samples as quality proofs: Please include attachments and certificates that underline your skills concerning the requirements listed in the job advertisement.

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