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MilDef Group serves a global market with world-leading rugged IT solutions. Laptops, servers, switches, routers, intelligent displays - we custom-make military IT products and systems made to perform in the toughest conditions. Our ambition is to be the most innovative and flexible player in the defense industry, with a combination of high-performance products, outstanding customer service, extensive experience across many engineering disciplines, and a corporate spirit based on honesty and integrity. The company was started in 1997, with its headquarters in Helsingborg, Sweden. We have sales and support offices in the USA, UK, and Norway. See for more information.

Join in and take the lead through coming years of growth and expansion!

Your future role

The Managing Director (MD) for our core business unit, MilDef Products AB (MDP), has great positive challenges in front of him/her. We have centralized our functions for product development, supply chain and logistics, production, service, support, and training, into a technology-heavy organization with three distinct areas of importance:
  • Operational excellence. We must deliver products and services fast with outstanding quality. The agility and flexibility that are our trademarks can never be allowed to compromise our high standards.
  • Products and technology. Our customer projects coexist with proactive roadmap development, and everything we design relies on technology advances in the forefront of electronics, mechanics, and software.
  • Business development. With specialized sales companies and international partners that bring our products to market, we must optimize their abilities to effectively market and sell our products, incentivize them with exceptional support, and connect with our corporate functions that also aim to optimize the performance of our product and service portfolios.
These areas are to be supported by a high level of communication, a strong sense of urgency and in general fantastic support for the complete chain that leads to customers who successfully uses our products. We are in the trust business, and you are key in building, expanding, and protecting that trust, internally and externally.

There is a strong team in place to support your work. In short, we have a world-class team that are eager to learn more and have proven again and again that we can solve just about any problem.

Your profile

We are open-minded about what is really the perfect background for this position. Competence is one thing, personality, leadership, and values are even more important. The list below is what we see as valuable assets when we evaluate the candidates:
  • Proven experience as Managing Director or similar other managerial position.
  • Deep knowledge about companies with advanced production.
  • Solid experience with business and organizational development.
  • Strong technical competence.
  • Experience in developing strategies and executing business plans.
  • Understanding of corporate finance and measures of performance.
  • Familiarity with corporate law and management best practices.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
  • Great communication, interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Outstanding analytical and problem-solving abilities.
  • A military background is considered a valuable experience.
  • Academical degree

Our offer

Being the Managing Director for MilDef Products AB is great! Within the boundaries of our management system, you have the full authority to create and implement the strategies for our MilDef Products operations. Based on yearly budgets and business plans that are continuously updated, you autonomously manage the full spectrum of the business, make decisions on recruitments and investments, and everything else needed to fulfill your responsibilities.

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