Machine Learning Engineer

Present in Romania since 2003, our client is an Engineering Centre that lives and breathes technology.

Our client's engineering culture is shaped by the use of cloud native technologies, microservices combined with a DevOps attitude and an innovative mindset. In Romania, our client has passionate teams sustaining the business segments of Access/Telecommunication, Mail & Media and Hosting.


  • Understanding business requirements based on customer needs
  • Preparing data for training the models or selecting pre-trained models
  • Selecting the best models (performance, speed)
  • Deploying those models into production

This is a position for those interested in building products that use Machine Learning in their core. These products will be used to serve end customers but as well internal customers.
Some of the things we use every day to build our products include Python, Java, Keras, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Docker, Kubernetes. If you have experience with or are interested in learning more about any of these, then this might be the right place for you.

We Appreciate

  • You have experience in developing applications in the area of Computer Vision, Text (NLP), Audio and / or Forecasting in Cloud environments
  • You have software development experience in Python for Cloud applications (microservices with REST APIs)
  • Experience with continuous delivery on Cloud platforms
  • Studies in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Machine Learning or a related field

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Our responsible consultant will contact you immediately after receipt.

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