Frontend Senior Developer

Our client creates digital products, offers software development services and provides relevant tech advisory services to its customers.

Frontend Developer

We appreciate knowledge of:

  • Implement React functional components
  • Implement React custom hooks
  • Use React Redux with Thunk
  • Medium JavaScrip skills
  • Basic API understanding (REST)
  • Experience with SDKs
  • Team leader experience
  • Strong understanding of GIT and GIT workflows

Extra point for:

  • Redux Saga experience
  • Webpack experience
  • JS Jest (testing framework) experience
  • Experience with cloud providers
  • Usage of Amazon Web Services
  • Experience with NodeJS and Express
  • SCSS experience


  • You will implement React components mostly without CSS customization. The react component logic will be implemented locally in component, in custom hooks aor in redux selectors. After the logic is validated, the component is sent to the Styling team. Optionally, if you know, you can also do this step.
  • You will help us develop custom hooks and core components (custom fields, drop-downs, CMS sections) that will be used throughout projects
  • You will develop custom hooks to avoid code supplication in current projects
  • You will develop custom Redux selectors for specific use cases (usually starting from what we have)
  • You will design the local and global state of components.
  • You will Lead a small team (under 5) and be in charge of task dispatching, code review and merge.
  • You are expected to explain to teammates what was wrong in the code and how you fixed it.

Extra points for:

  • Administer AWS hosted services
  • Help in designing AWS based services
  • Help in maintaining the core components used in company

We are looking forward to receiving your application (English CV) over the application-dashboard. Our responsible consultant will contact you immediately after receipt.

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