Team Lead

We are looking for an experienced, smart, pragmatic and quick learner to join our products team.
You are a strong independent contributor and a proven leader! (leadership skills are essential to your success).
You bring full-stack capabilities, yet you bring a lot of frontend knowledge and value! you display a solid understanding of core software concepts such as code that performs at scale, resiliency, caching, databases, SOLID, consideration for web development and more. You are able to handle different technologies and you are productive.
You understand our infrastructure and how you can use it to leverage your requirements.
You also have a strong background in engineering best-practices like testing, source control, and agile planning and estimations.
You will technically lead developers through delivery of successful features. You are highly competence with designing solutions. You will mentor and lead other software engineers into building successful features. You perform PR reviews and you are hands-on.
Role Specifics
  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science (or equivalent)
  • 5+ years of Proven professional experience
  • 1+ years of Proven professional experience as leader
  • Excellent Knowledge with React , Redux , Styled-Component (or similar)
  • Excellent Knowledge with one or more of the following languages: Nodejs, GOlang, .NET C#
  • Good Knowledge with one or more of the following databases: MSSQL, Elastic, Cassandra, Mongo
  • Proven skills in designing features
  • Ability to learn and adopt new technologies.
  • Writing SOLID (principles) code
  • Communicative & Expressive
  • Passionate & Eager to learn
  • Pragmatic
  • Team player
  • Smart
  • Good English

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