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Their cloudified and AI-driven RAN automation and orchestration platform enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to accelerate mobile networks (including 5G) deployment and go-to-market, as well as the ROI on their network investments. Even in the most complex and dynamic network environments, this ...
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Their cloudified and AI-driven RAN automation and orchestration platform enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to accelerate mobile networks (including 5G) deployment and go-to-market, as well as the ROI on their network investments.  Even in the most complex and dynamic network environments, this platform enables operators to be ready for 5G by connecting to any application and any vendor, as well as by co-creating on top of the platform, delivering unprecedented ease, speed, and agility. With the future of 5G already here, Chime Platform is helping leading MNOs all over the world to launch and leverage their next-generation networks and face the future with confidence.

• Radio trials study, execution and analysis.
• Vendor Upgrade support.
• The engineer should be responsible for supporting vendor upgrades and defining the changes required in the code to support the changes to assure smooth support of the new version.
• Research new topics focused on the RAN domain, design new optimization applications, guide and follow the RND development phase, app integration and analyze its value in the field.
• Analyzing system outputs based on the table below and providing technical descriptions of the changes in the new version.
• Analysis of the changes should be focused on the MOs (Managed Objects), parameters, counters and KPIs that are relevant for SON.
• Analysis should include:
➢ CM - Changes in the format, structure, naming convention, keys and contents of the parameters (For example: Moving from CSV to XML format, Changes in neighbor identification keys, Supporting new cell types – such as LTE TDD, NBIoT or MTC cells, Changes parameters range of values, etc.).
➢ CM - Detection of new features that may affect existing modules (For example – a new parameter on the neighbor level that SON’s ANR module may need to optimize too).
➢ PM changes - Changes in counters that are involved in optimization.
➢ PM changes - Changes in counters and KPIs that are used for performance analysis (Not affecting SON’s optimization modules).
➢ Analyze the effect on the provisioning – Changes in the syntax of provisioning.
➢ The engineer should learn deeply the current functionality of the SON product –main modules, including the relevant parameters that are imported and changed by SON and the counters that are used by each module.
➢ The engineer should get introduced to the databases used by SON to store the network configuration and statistical data used for optimization (MySQL, Mongo, Vertica).
➢ In some cases, the engineer will need to analyze the operator’s design document of parameters in the new version to detect changes in policy and changed, new or excluded parameters that should be considered by SON.

• (Must) Samples of CM data from customer labs or the commercial network.
• (Must) Samples of PM data from customer labs or the commercial network.
• Vendor’s documentation (Ericsson – ALEX, Huawei – Hedex document, Nokia–Info browser) – vendor’s document will not be always available – in some cases reverse engineering may be required!
• Operator’s design document (Usually Excel spreadsheet that covers all the parameters supported by the new version).

• Provides design document defining all the changes above for the R&D teams using existing templates under product team supervision.
• Define changes in interfaces with vendor platform for CM and PM collection.
• Define the changes in provisioning methodology, provisioning plan syntax and interfaces for the SON platform in the vendor’s specific environment.
• Define test strategy for QA team (Help on building testing environment using physical data and CM &PM data, define testing scenarios, and help QA engineer to follow the process with R&D and the customer.
• Bi-weekly or monthly meetings with customers to get updated on upgrade plans.
• Planning and effort estimation with R&D on the upcoming upgrades.
• Manage design review with R&D on the product’s design document.
• Participate in R&D’s design review, test planning, code review and pre-release demo.
• Prepare release notes on the new version once it is supported.
• Help local team on the deployment of the new version (Lab testing and FOA).

Must Have:
• Knowledge of the radio parameters and optimization methods for the main vendors (at least 2 of the 3) – Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei (at least 3G; 4G – 2G; 5G advantage).
• Analysis of binary and text inputs using scripts (Perl, Python), Excel or tools as 010 editor, Text pad, Notepad, XVI32, XML marker, beyond compare etc.
• Develop tools and methodologies for fast analysis of the inputs and detection of changes, new and missing data.
• At least 5 years of experience in radio optimization and cell planning in 2G 3G 4G.

Nice to Have:
• SQL knowledge.

Reasons to Work with Us
• Motivating financial conditions.
• International projects with worldwide recognition.
• A good work-life balance with flexible schedule and work from home / remote as much as possible.
• Exciting new career in a friendly, dynamic, growing organization.
• Professional development in a friendly multicultural environment.
• Private medical subscription @ Medlife or Regina Maria.
• Meal tickets.
• Gift Vouchers for your birthday / wedding / childbirth.
• Wellbeing Programs (sick days, 7Card, relaxation facilities in the office).
• Team buildings & other social experiences.
• Referral bonuses.
• Budget granted for certifications required in the project.
• Workshops on different topics and internal courses.
• Access to LinkedIn learning platform, at request.
• Access to Udemy platform, if required in the project.
• City center office location.
• Shared parking spaces.

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