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Looking to extend your team into Germany? We expertly connect you with top-tier specialists and managers in the German market!

At bridging_n, we specialize in connecting international, future-oriented businesses with top talent in Germany. Whether you need a general manager in technology or a head of marketing in retail, we've successfully filled diverse roles across various sectors.

Beyond managerial roles, we're here to assist you in finding skilled experts with years of experience for your commercial and technical positions. As a part of Talentor.com, our network spans over 35 international partners, providing us with unparalleled global reach and local expertise.

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Team bridging n Talentor Germany Duesseldorf Cathrin Eggers
Managing Director

Cathrin Eggers, along with Laura Fritz-Wilde, founded bridging_n in 2019 following their successful collaborations on international recruitment and employer branding projects. Over the course of her career, Cathrin has worked closely with decision-makers across diverse industries and esteemed international companies, including Arthur Andersen, Deloitte Consulting, and OTTO Group.

Cathrin’s academic studies in marketing and communication economy have provided her with a solid foundation in the field. Additionally, her entrepreneurial spirit led her to found her first own company in 2015, where she offered career coaching for professionals and business consultancy services for entrepreneurs. This hands-on experience has enhanced her understanding of the challenges and opportunities that both job seekers and companies face in today’s competitive market.

Having spent 2 years of working in the United States and London, UK, Cathrin has developed fluency in English, speaks German and is working on her French. The international exposure has broadened her perspective and enabled her to effectively engage with professionals from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Team bridging n Talentor Germany Duesseldorf Laura Fritz Wilde
Managing Director

With a Master’s degree in International Management Laura entered the world of recruitment in 2005. Her professional journey began in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and since then she has honed her skills and gained valuable experience in the industry.

She held an in-house role at Accenture and later served as the Head of HR & Recruiting for a fast-growing IT/gaming scale-up, leading multiple teams. In 2012, Laura joined Oerlikon, a prominent Swiss machinery corporation, as the Talent Acquisition Manager for EMEA. This role eventually led her to relocate to Düsseldorf, Germany.

In 2017, Laura made her entrepreneurial debut as an interim recruitment manager. Building on this experience, she co-founded bridging_n in 2019, alongside Cathrin Eggers. Fluent in German, Dutch, and English, Laura Fritz-Wilde possesses strong linguistic abilities that enable her to effectively communicate with candidates and clients from various backgrounds. With her broad industry knowledge and hands-on experience, she is committed to delivering exceptional recruitment services.

Team bridging n Talentor Germany Duesseldorf Sarah Koetz
Research Consultant
Sarah Kötz is a seasoned recruitment consultant with several years of experience in the industry. Following her retail background, Sarah further honed her recruitment expertise by ... More

Sarah Kötz is a seasoned recruitment consultant with several years of experience in the industry. Following her retail background, Sarah further honed her recruitment expertise by venturing into the temporary staffing sector as a personnel dispatcher. In this role, she gained extensive knowledge and skills in human resources. Driven by her passion and enthusiasm for recruitment, Sarah joined bridging_n as a Research Consultant.

With advanced English skills and a solid grasp of Spanish, Sarah is equipped to support international clients and effectively communicate with diverse professionals.

Dedicated and experienced, Sarah leverages her extensive recruitment background to assist companies in finding highly qualified professionals. Her commitment to delivering exceptional results makes her a valuable asset to both clients and candidates.

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