Executive Search

The Search: wide-ranging sourcing channels

- Modern recruitment methods including an active network of "agents"
- Extensive own database of candidates and contacts.
- Intensive usage of social media channels/websites.
- Classic headhunting (direct search) done by the experienced team of consultants.

The Selection: exact methods in the hands of experienced professionals

  • Stable team of consultants with extensive executive search experience
  • Performance Based Hiring - accurate and efficient methodology of selection and recruitment.
  • In Depth interview and referencing techniques.
  • Guarantee in case of early termination of employment with the selected candidate (we find a replacement candidate for free)
  • Shortlist of candidates provided to the customer in 5 weeks after the kick-off meeting for the assignment
  • Strict off-limit policies.

Professional Search


Talentor has placed many of the world's leading professionals. Our local consultants have in-depth knowledge of candidates in different industries.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of various industries and know how to approach highly qualified candidates. Searches using social networks have become an integral part of our work. These new channels require our recruiters and consultants to have strong communication and online marketing skills


A New Paradigm for Recruiting – Candidate Experience

Why the Candidate Experience as a Customer Experience Makes or Breaks Your Team Managers and entrepreneurs have ambitious and demanding goals. They know that the right team is critical to success. After all, recruiting the right employees is the greatest force multiplier that managers and entrepreneurs have. Yet many leaders struggle to find and win over the … read more

>> Michael Sarsteiner


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Efficient recruitment and consulting projects management in Belgium and abroad.

Inspiration by new trends and our innovative approach.



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