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Employees are the company's driving force. Recruitment of new people is one of the most important decisions in a company's life. Successful recruitment leads to further success and new opportunities.

Using our recruitment services, we can help you find the best employees for your company. We offer the following recruitment services:

Direct search - this method is useful in situations where there's too few suitable candidates or it's difficult to find the right person using traditional search channels.

Database search - during recruitments, our Consultants come across candidates who are not suitable for the corresponding position but who will remain in our database; we have a lot of information regarding them, hence we can evaluate their suitability to one or another position.

Advertised search - we advertise in various media channels to ensure the maximum use of right mediums in order to find the right candidates.

If necessary, we use the combination of all of the above-mentioned.


During our recruitment process, we also do short video-interviews with all of the candidates, who come to a face-to-face interview; the questions have been  compiled in cooperation with the client. Video-interviews will give the client a brief overview of the candidates and their oral language skills. We present the video-interviews together with the necessary documents via our recruitment software eRecruiter.


Companies might come across situations where it is necessary  or inevitable to restructure the organisation, reduce staffing and ask someone to leave. Outplacement service ensures a smooth and painless transition into the new situation for the company and offers the leaving employees emotional support.


Outplacement will help

- managers to effectively carry out the leaving process by reducing the tensions emerging from implementation of complex decisions

- the employer to maintain a good reputation, prevent decrease of the remaining employees' motivation and feeling of secruity about their jobs.

- the leaving employees to adapt to the situation, realistically evaluate their abilities and skills, also desires and expectations, thereby helping them to quickly find new suitable challenges and move on.


We also offer other HR services; together with the client we will find the most suitable solution.

Candidate Assessment

Before the evaluation our Consultant will get to know the company and its field of activity and the requirements for the candidates. Based on this we will compile a detailed profile of the characteristics of a successful employee in the corresponding position.

We will carry out different evaluation tests:

  • Accounting Ability
  • Mental Ability
  • Personality
  • Evaluation of oral and written language skills
  • Visual Speed and Accuracy

In cooperation with the client, we can also compile a specific test that would evaluate certain skills/knowledge required in the corresponding position.


- In how many days do you fill a vacancy?

- How many interviews have you done this month?

- And which channels are the best to look for candidates?

Our software provides you with the answers. 

  • One tool for the entire recruiting process
  • Advantages in recruiting that will make you smile
  • Hand in hand with the internal department
  • Employer branding: Candidates become fans


Introduction to eRecruiter (click on the link)

Implementation of eRecruiter (click on the link)


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