Executive Search

The Search: wide-ranging sourcing channels

- Modern recruitment methods including an active network of "agents"
- Extensive own database of candidates and contacts.
- Intensive usage of professional and leisure social websites.
- Classic headhunting (direct search) done by experienced team of consultants.

The Selection: exact methods in the hands of experienced professionals

- Stable team of consultants with extensive executive search experience

- Performance Based Hiring - accurate and efficient methodology of selection and recruitment.

- In Depth interview and referencing techniques.

Service Fees & Commitments

- Fixed price per assignment without the fees depending on the remuneration of the selected candidate.
- Guarantee in case of early termination of employment with the selected candidate (we find a replacement candidate for free)
- Shortlist of candidates provided to the customer in 5 weeks after the kick off meeting for the assignment
- Strict off-limit policies.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Ad Hoc support for specific recruitment projects 

A skilled consultant is provided on customer premise to help local HR, and is integrated into customer organization and process. This services enable to accelerate recruitment or to treat specific subjects (improve sourcing, relations to business or engineering schools, project management)

Business Process Outsourcing (on the global hiring process or on a portion of it)

Our solution allows optimal control of each stage of hiring process, to avoid blocking milestones and smooth the whole process. The outsourcing becomes fluid, clear and fast. We work with our customer to perform an organization audit, before taking part or whole of the process : job description, communication strategy, sourcing strategy, candidate selection, management of interview schedule, candidate contractual proposal support


We commit on duration, number of candidate presented & shortlisted, and level of satisfaction for the managers in the customer organisation…



Event: Strategies of International Recruitment

In cooperation with Deloitte & Touche we – Kaiser Stähler – Talentor International – have issued a global reference book about one of the most challenging HR subjects. It deals with crossborder personnel recruitment, selection and assessment procedures and integration questions up to legal bases, immigration issues as well as tax and social security matters. … read more

>> Gerhard Stähler



In matters of business cooperation, please contact the our Country Manager Sylvain Lagarde

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