Executive Search

Direct approach through experienced and well-trained employees is the most efficient way of searching for executives and highly qualified specialists. It is the focus of our recruiting activities. Based on a profound understanding of our customer’s company culture and on a well-defined position profile this approach grants us access to the most promising candidates of a particular target group. This procedure proves ideal if only a small number of candidates comes into consideration for the position in question or if the success rate through traditional searching activities in low.

Additionally, our offer includes the entire handling of candidates, requests for references and a contract guarantee. Executive Search is also the right choice if you – as a company – want to stay anonymous at the beginning of a new search.

Professional Search

Our product "Professional Search" concentrates on the search of technical experts and specialists.

In our approach we combine our expertise in recruiting with an intelligent selection of adequate search channels and a service offer tailored to your requirements in order to complement and accelerate your recruiting processes systematically. The specifications and particular requirements of the vacant position will be agreed upon with you and the candidates will be interviewed according to the criteria stipulated.

You will receive candidates that have been pre-selected and pre-qualified as well as all relevant documents which can be directly integrated into your internal selection process. The subsequent personal interviews and the further support of the candidates will be executed by you.

Cross-Border Search & Sourcing

The search for candidates on an international level gains in importance if we want to find qualified candidates for demanding positions. That is why it is important to consider the search of adequate staff as a cross-border project in the future.

The portfolio of international recruiting covers both the recruiting of employees for overseas subsidiaries and the recruiting of top managers for the company’s headquarter. Issues arising in terms of Cultural Management or legal framework will always be taken into account.

As Talentor Consultant we bring along a long-term experience in international search projects. We combine our presence and expertise in the local markets with overall processes that have been assured in quality, and a common, European candidate pool. Moreover, the continuously growing Talentor group offers you access to the markets of almost all important industrial nations through further associated partners.

HR Consulting

As a specialist in recruiting we follow a comprehensive consulting approach and are an essential contact person for our customers for all further HR issues.

Depending on the search project, we consult specialists from our long-term cooperation partners who dispose of a comprehensive expertise in their respective subjects.

  • HR Marketing - Employer Branding
  • Coaching & Training
  • Management Audit
  • Intercultural Training
  • Relocation Services
  • Labour Law


What is the use of a Recruiting Software?

We put the question in a different way: How many days does it take you to fulfill an open vacancy? How many interviews do you have to lead and which channels provide the best candidates? Our software will give you the right answers.

The eRecruiter helps you always keep your recruiting projects in check. You can continuously monitor open positions and follow the process in a visual form. The eRecruiter displays the entire recruiting process and reminds you of the next steps that are required in the process.

We offer you the eRecruiter through our associated company. In case you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to get into contact with us.


Lean Recruiting Services for SMEs

New Service for SMEs – Lean Recruiting Talentor Germany/Kaiser Stähler presents the new service “Lean Recruiting ” at the HRM Expo in Cologne on September 15 -17, 2015. “Especially for companies, that need to expand their recruitment activities or think about establishing an HR department our service is an interesting strategic option, ” says Jochen … read more

>> Jochen Markgraf



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