Executive Search (Headhunting)

Benefit from our innovative approaches to find the world's best senior talents. Direct Search was yesterday, now it is Active Sourcing.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of different industries and know how to approach highly qualified candidates.

We adhere to high ethical standarts when communicating to our Clients and Candidates and we offer solid guarantee for our services.

International Search

Talentor has placed many of the world's leading professionals. Our local consultants have in-depth knowledge of candidates in different industries.

We can offer simultaneous search in several markets, when candidate's experience and set of skills are more important than location.

It saves your time, financial resources and brings maximum value to your international locations.


We offer variuos assessment solutions to suit your diverse business needs.

Whether it's for management development, succession planning, recruitment, sales results increase or customer service improvement - we've got it all covered.

Application of different methods and tools, selected specifically for you together with extensive experience of our consultants results in reliable outcomes.

360 Management Survey

3600 management competences assessment provides an opportunity for leaders to get a job performance evaluation from the people around them - managers, colleagues and subordinates.

3600 survey results let managers to compare their own evaluation with how others percieve them, to identify strenghts and weaknesses and define exact development areas.


HR Consulting

Talentor HR consulting services help leading organizations to confront complex business challenges. Our experts provide solutions for organizations in recruitment, competence assessment, outplacement, HR outsourcing and other customised needs.


How to be a STAR interviewer?

Imagine the situation where you have two equally good candidates for managing position – they have roughly the same working experience and psychological traits. How would you pick the right candidate for the job?   For managing positions some competencies are more important than others, like leadership, communication and problem solving skills. For evaluating these … read more

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