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The direct approach through experienced and well-trained consultants is the most efficient way of searching for executives and highly qualified specialists. Based on a profound understanding of our customer’s company culture and a well-defined position profile this approach grants us access to the most promising candidates of a particular target group. This procedure proves ideal if only a small number of candidates comes into consideration for the position in question or if the success rate through traditional searching activities in low.

Additionally, our offer includes the entire handling of candidates, requests for references and a contract guarantee. Executive Search is also the right choice if you – as a company – want to stay anonymous at the beginning of a new search.

HR Consulting

Heinz early corporate career was with a leading German machine manufacturer for the steel, aluminium, and electrical industry. Throughout his tenure, he was establishing and managing subsidiaries in various countries. Therefore his main focus is providing consulting services to German, Austrian and Swiss companies in finding executives for their North American subsidiaries. Additionally, he offers the same expertise to North American companies for existing or start-up subsidiaries in German speaking countries in Europe and worldwide.


How to start a career as an engineer!

Gehard Staehler talks about his experience in recruiting young engineers and explains how you can sucessfully set up a career as an engineer. Furthermore he gives advice how to avoid mistakes in the application process. The most important message is: Preparation is everything! Try to see your career as a longterm project that requires several steps. … read more

>> Gerhard Stähler


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