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The energy sector is one of the most important industries in the world, and it is therefore in the public eye. Energy companies have divided up the market among themselves and have got their cost structures under control. Nevertheless, their organizations will undergo significant change in the coming years. However, it is safe to assume that the prospects in the energy sector will be good in the future, and this industry still offers attractive monetary incentives.

Many years of consulting experience in these market segments have given our Energy Practice Group the necessary technical expertise and deep industry knowledge. The Talentor Energy Practice Group will find the best talents for your Company.


Thomas Lindquist

Thomas Lindquist is the founder of Linqsearch AB-Talentor Sweden AB and is our Talentor partner in Sweden. He is a consultant with 13 years of experience and has conducted numerous executive search assignments. Thomas has completed over 200 searches locally and internationally.

His focus area includes the energy and industrial sector as well as the construction industry and high-tech companies. Previously, Thomas was a manager in a staffing company in Sweden. He is a former soccer player and the father of three children. He is fluent in Swedish and English.

11846 Stockholm, Repslagargatan 15 B
T  +46 (0)70 453 1353
E  thomas.lindquist@talentor.com



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