Interim Management

More and more businesses are taking advantage of executive interim management. When you consider the benefits of this service, the reasons for this development are clear.

Expert Professional Support Just When You Need It

Interim managers are hired by means of a service contract to carry out a specific mission at a company to reach defined objectives within a certain period of time. Typically, our clients hire iterim management to tackle challenges such as:

  • Mentoring and temporary roles on the management team
  • The creation of new companies
  • Change management
  • Strategic accompaniment of the board of directors
  • New fields of business
  • Professionalization of departments in key growth areas.

8 Advantages of Interim Managers

  1. Significantly increase management capacity
  2. Are available both part-time and full-time
  3. Are Billed as a service and do not increase headcount
  4. Can offer proven references
  5. Have greater objectivity in decision-making
  6. Obtain results quickly because these are defined before hiring
  7. Bring commitment and involvement to the table because their business is based on referrals and references
  8. Mentor their successors to ensure that the exit plan is a success.

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An attractive job profile for women

Interim management is particularly attractive for women who often get stuck in a permanent position for tactical reasons. In the case of temporary assignments, there is less need to act tactically, which makes success easier. In addition, the expectations placed on interim managers overlap with many characteristics that are usually attributed to women:

Flexible - they can come to terms with irregular working hours and manage changes.

Communicative - they are persuasive, inclusive, and good listeners.

Well trained - they have special expertise.

Less structurally affine - they are independent.

Reliable - they have a high level of empathy and a sense of responsibility.

Prudent - they are confident problem solvers.

What are the expectations of interim managers during and after the crisis?

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