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Profile Description:

We are seeking an accomplished Senior Security Consultant with a proven track record of over 20 years in designing and implementing robust Security Operations Management Systems (SOMS) within a modern public transportation metropolitan network. The ideal candidate will have a proven leadership background, and possess strong analytical and communication skills, paired with a deep understanding of International Security Management principles and best practices, preferably gained from modern public transportation within a large metropolitan network, critical infrastructure or large construction projects. This professional will spearhead the development of comprehensive and transformational Security based strategies to create world class excellence and performance.

Key Responsibilities in the Project:

· Mitigate Risks - Demonstrate a track record of successfully identifying and mitigating security risks in diverse project environments, leveraging a combination of technical expertise, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement.

· Protection of Physical Assets and Infrastructure - Implement measures to protect physical assets and infrastructure, including deploying security personnel, installing surveillance systems, and implementing access control measures.

· Build Robust Relationships - Forge strong relationships with stakeholders to garner support for security initiatives and ensure effective collaboration in risk management efforts.

· Deliver a Comprehensive SOMS - Develop and implement a Security Operations Management System (SOMS) tailored to the project's unique security requirements, encompassing policies, procedures, templates, protocols, and training content for ongoing security operations.

· Mentoring, Training, and Transfer of Knowledge - Provide mentoring and training to project staff, empowering them with the skills and knowledge needed to manage security risks effectively on conclusion of the consultancy.

· Build Capacity - Enhance the capacity of project personnel to address security challenges independently, fostering a culture of security awareness and vigilance.

· Coaching and Mentoring - ongoing guidance and support to project team members, empowering them to implement security best practices and adapt to evolving threats.

· Crisis Management - Develop and implement robust crisis management plans to effectively respond to security incidents and emergencies, ensuring swift and coordinated action to mitigate impacts and safeguard personnel and assets.

· Analyzing Data and Open-Source Intelligence Reports - Utilize advanced analytical tools and techniques to analyze data and open-source intelligence reports, identifying emerging threats, trends, and vulnerabilities that may impact the project's security posture.

· Supporting Incidents - Provide immediate support and guidance during security incidents, coordinating response efforts, liaising with relevant authorities, and facilitating communication to minimize disruption and ensure a rapid return to normal operations.

Duration of Assignment:

The project will last 18 months.


Past Experiences:

The candidate should have significant experience in designing and developing Security Operations Management Systems (SOMS) preferably within a modern public transportation network from inception, design, construction, commissioning, and handover. The candidate should possess extensive experience in leading and contributing to consulting projects. The candidate will be required to demonstrate their history of successfully executing similar projects.

The consultant should have:

· Risk Assessment Skills - Conducting thorough risk assessments across various sectors to identify vulnerabilities and develop effective mitigation strategies for physical, cyber, and operational security risks.

· Security Strategy Development - Creating comprehensive security strategies that align with organizational objectives, safeguard assets, personnel, and sensitive information.

· Regulatory Compliance Knowledge - Maintaining an in-depth understanding of relevant security regulations and standards and best practice.

· Crisis Management and Business Resilience - Leading crisis management efforts and developing robust business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure organizational resilience in the event of security incidents or emergencies.

· Security Technology Proficiency - Leveraging expertise in security technologies including access control systems, video surveillance, intrusion detection systems, and cybersecurity tools to enhance security posture and mitigate threats effectively.

· Threat Intelligence and Understanding Threats - Analyzing threat intelligence data to identify emerging threats and vulnerabilities, enabling proactive risk mitigation and incident response strategies.

· Stakeholder Management - Establishing effective communication channels with stakeholders at all levels to foster collaboration, gain buy-in for security initiatives, and ensure alignment with organizational priorities.

· Developing Competency and Training Programs - Designing and delivering security training programs and awareness campaigns to educate employees about security risks and promote a culture of security awareness and compliance.

· Continuous Improvement Mindset - Demonstrating a commitment to continuous improvement by regularly reviewing and refining security policies, procedures, and practices to adapt to evolving threats and industry best practices.

· ISO 31000 - Applying ISO 31000 principles and methodologies to guide risk management processes, ensuring a systematic and structured approach to identifying, assessing, and treating security risks.

· Exercise and Testing - Conducting regular exercises and tests of security protocols, procedures, and systems to evaluate their effectiveness and identify areas for improvement. This includes desktop exercises, simulated attacks and scenarios, and drills to prepare personnel for real-world security incidents.

· Liaison with Emergency Services - Establishing and maintaining strong relationships with local emergency services, including police, fire, and medical responders, to facilitate rapid response and coordination in the event of security incidents or emergencies.

· Public Safety - Ensuring that security measures also consider the safety and well-being of the general public. This includes implementing crowd management strategies.

Academic Background

Candidates should hold an internationally recognized bachelor’s degree (or higher such as master’s degree)

Certifications & Other Qualifications:

· Security Management Qualification(s) from recognized institution.

· ASIS Membership, Certified Protection Professional (CPP) or similar.

· Experience in ISO 3100 and ISO 18788 preferred.

· Lead Auditor qualification.

· Training and Education qualification.

· Additional relevant certifications demonstrating expertise in similar projects, public safety and securing critical infrastructure.


Fluency in English is essential, enabling effective collaboration with diverse stakeholders, conducting training sessions, and preparing comprehensive reports.


In summary, the Senior Security Consultant we are looking for possesses a distinguished career in developing and implementing Security management systems. With their profound academic background, wealth of certifications, and extensive hands-on experience, this individual will play a pivotal role in elevating the organization’s Security culture and practices.

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