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Quality standards at Talentor

For recruitment and executive search agencies, meeting client expectations is paramount. A Quality Management System ensures that the recruitment processes align with client requirements, no mather which consultant or partner is leading the project. For us this is an investment in higher client and candidate satisfaction and basis for long-term partnerships.
How do we assure quality standards in different countries?

Quality comes first!

  1. Regular Training and Development:
    Continuous training programs on how to cooperate internationally are implemented to keep our partners and their teams updated. We train on industry best practices and our organization's specific standards. This helps maintain a high level of competency and consistency.

  2. Performance Monitoring and Evaluation:
    We use detailed feedback to evaluate each partner's performance based on the projects carried out. Regular evaluations allow us to identify opportunities for improvement and maintain a high level of service quality.

    Quality Process and Checklist

  3. Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration:
    Facilitating open communication channels among our partners promotes knowledge sharing and best practice exchange. This collaborative approach helps raise the overall quality standards within our network.

  4. Quality Audits and Assessments:
    For those partners ISO certified, we are involved in periodic audits to ensure compliance with established quality standards. These evaluations provide valuable insights and corrective actions to maintain a consistent level of service excellence.

  5. Client Feedback Integration:
    We actively seek and value client feedback. Integrating client insights allows us to adapt and improve our services, ensuring that they meet and exceed expectations consistently across all regions.

  6. Adaptive Improvement Strategies:
    Our commitment to continuous improvement means that we adapt our strategies based on evolving industry standards, client expectations, and feedback, ensuring that our quality standards remain cutting-edge and globally competitive.

By implementing these measures, we are dedicated to upholding uniform and high-quality standards across all countries within our network.

Are you interested in becoming certified as a Talentor Partner?

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Achieving ISO certification involves several steps. While specific requirements can vary based on the ISO standard (e.g., ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 27001 for information security), the general process includes the following steps:

  1. Understand ISO Requirements: You get an introduction to the specific requirements of the ISO standard you aim to achieve. Each standard has its own set of criteria, and understanding them is crucial for successful certification.
  2. Develop Implementation Plan: Create a detailed plan outlining the steps and timeline for implementing the necessary changes. This plan should address resource allocation, training needs, and key milestones.
  3. Documentation: Develop and implement the required documentation, including a quality manual, procedures, work instructions, and records. Ensure that these documents align with ISO standards and are accessible to relevant personnel.
  4. Internal Audits: Conduct internal audits to assess the effectiveness of the implemented processes. Internal audits help identify any non-conformities and provide an opportunity for corrective actions.
  5. Pre-assessment Audit (Optional): Some organizations choose to conduct a pre-assessment audit before the official certification audit. This helps identify any remaining issues and provides an opportunity for corrective action.
  6. Certification Audit: Undergo the certification audit, which consists of a stage 1 audit (documentation review) and a stage 2 audit (on-site assessment of processes). The certification body will issue a certificate if compliance is confirmed.

We have close cooperation with an international accredited quality certification body of the Quality Austria, an independent, objective and internationally recognized certification insitution.

Our ISO certification isn't just a standard; It's a promise to delivering quality and security. The ISO certification gives us a unique selling point as an executive search agency, especially in the life sciences and health care sectors. We differentiate ourselves from the market and ensure our clients experience a level of service that exceeds their expectations and sets new standards in the executive search landscape.

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