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Be part of our international network and enjoy the diverse benefits of a partner system in HR.

We are expanding the international Talentor network. We are creating an international Talentor partner system, an innovative concept for executive search, and becoming the market leader in our industry. We are looking for people (companies) who share the same mindset and values.

Benefit #1

Access the network

Talentor Partners show that their local independent companies are part of a bigger international network – and gain trust with their local clients. They see them in an entirely different way. The result is that our partners are in a position to talk to higher level contacts at their customers and prospects. We see this in every country where partners promote the international nature of Talentor.

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Benefit #2

Increased local turnover

As soon as you are part of the Talentor network, you’ll move your projects from a local to an international level – with more turnover. Your customers will ask you for contacts or projects in other countries as soon as you tell them that you can offer this under one umbrella. "Think globally, act locally" is hackneyed but in our case still applies.

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Benefit #3

Use synergies and benchmark your company

We do a lot to move ahead with new ideas. We share experiences with new recruiting tools and networks. We benchmark with the best and share best practices in different industries. Within the network, a lot of partners use a common applicant tracking system, which is a real asset in cross-border projects.

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The network enables to work on cross-border assignments, to find candidates from abroad and to offer top candidates career opportunities abroad.

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Interested in working together?

​We are very approachable and would love to speak to you.

My name is Sabine, COO of Talentor and I am resonsible for partner acquisition at Talentor International. I appreciate to give you more details about a partnership with Talentor and explain how we work together on an international level. Feel free to call me or send an email or get in contact via LinkedIn.

Sabine Steiner, COO Talentor International
+43 732 61 12 21 26

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Why to join?

The best arguments for becoming a partner in Talentor

As a Talentor partner, you care deeply about your existing and new clients and providing them with excellent service. Talentor provides everything else:

  • It’s integrated! You have the freedom of a local independent company and the possibilities of an international network.
  • Exchange with colleagues on an international level and gain new insights for your local human resources business. There’s a minimum of two meetings per year.
  • Use the research capabilities of our network when you can not do your own or if there is a lack of local candidates
  • We have special arrangements with LinkedIn to use its Talent Recruiting Software within the group.
  • Enjoy marketing support (e.g. business card design, newsletters to customers and candidates,…)

Listen what our Partners say about our network.

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