3 ways your company can attract more talent

by Polina Tarassov in — January 2024
Attracting talent should be considered an art form. In this article, Polina Tarassov, Customer Development Manager at Generations Recruitment, our partners from Belgium, gives our network some tips on what employers can do to draw more candidates to their companies. From the company culture to business reputation, these tips will make you think twice when posting a job opportunity and thinking about how people will view your company and your team in general.
Blog Talentor International 3 Ways To Attact Talent

1) Define your Company Culture & Voice A Consistent Message

One of the first thins job seekers do, is research your company to see if they actually want to work for you. Therefore, it is important to showcase your company culture on your website and on your social media channels. A company culture refers to the values, goals and behaviors of a company. As you can imagine, the fit between what a company stands for and what the employee personally stands for, is extremely important for attracting and retaining talent. Specifically, it will motivate them and make them proud to work for you.

An important sidenote here is to make sure you have a clear image yourself, before trying to advertise it to anyone else. Once you have a clear vision, you should try to present it in a clear and easy grasp way. For example, think about using visuals or testimonials from your management.

When it comes to the content of your company culture, you should evaluate this on a regular basis. Think about what people in Today’s society find important and figure out what stance your company takes in the matter. Important societal topics Today are the environment and diversity, for example. Try putting yourself in the shoes of the job seekers and figure out what makes you different from your competitors.

Besides having and advertising your company culture, you need to be able to back this up with facts too. Just saying that something is one of your values, is not enough. You need to tell your audience why you value something and how that reflects within your company. For example, don’t just say you value diversity. Say you value diversity, because you want women to have equal opportunities as men and therefore you strive to have 20% more women in management positions before 2030.

2) Define & Emphasis The Benefits Of Working For Your Company

Great, now you have a company culture that will spark the interest of good candidates, but it is up to you to convince them to apply for one of your vacancies. You can do this by writing a compelling vancancy that includes your expectations, your company benefits and your recruitment process. Most of the time, people like to know exactly what they are getting themselves into before taking the next step. By being transparent and giving them this information from the start, only people who are already convinced of your company culture and the vacancy will apply. This might lower chances of candidates backing out later in the recruitment process

Especially the benefits can make people choose you over a competitor, so you should take some time to think about them. Look at who you want to attract and what you think they would find important. What does your budget allow and what can you offer candidates that other companies can’t? You can be creative here or just stick to a competitive salary with a cafeteria plan, where they can choose between different options. Think about a cell phone subscription, a company laptop, meal vouchers, health benefits and so on.

Obviously, not all companies can afford big bonusses or expensive company cars, but luckily those are not the only benefits people are looking for. We already mentioned that people are now used to working from home, therefore, candidates will look for jobs where this or other flexibility in their work schedule is possible. A strong community with regular test buildings, accessibility with public transport and solid development opportunities are also great benefits that don’t cost tons of money.

3) Keep Track of Your Reputation Online & Offline

Word of Mouth is a very powerful instrument in every sector. You wouldn’t go to a hairdresser with a bad reputation either, right? The same goes for companies. When people hear bad things about a company, they are less likely to apply for a job there. In Today’s society, Word of Mouth became even more powerful because of the big reach. Social media and other websites can now reach thousands of people within seconds, so 1 bad review can have a much bigger impact than before. So, you want to keep track of what people are saying about your company online. You can do this manually or use software, like Google Alerts.

You want to make sure that your reputation is as positive as possible and that it aligns with your company culture. A good way to improve your reputation is through your own employees. If your employees are happy, they will spread the word without you having to even ask them. Like we mentioned before, a company culture plays an important role in retaining talent. If you do come across a negative review, thin ka bout how to avoid similar reviews in the future. You can also proactively ask your employees on a regular basis how they feel within the company and what they think can improve.