HR experts give an insight into the strategies of international recruitment

by Gerhard Stähler in — April 2015
Internationalisation has had a significant effect on recruitment. This is why human resources professionals often face very complex challenges. The publishers of the book “Strategien internationaler Personalbeschaffung” (Strategies for international recruitment), Gerhard Stähler and Wolfgang Apel, have set out to create a constructive guideline for all HR professionals dealing with international recruitment.

Strategies for international staff recruitment

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The initial idea for this book came from a discussion in the academic setting, where it was noticed that there is a gap in the market for a practice-oriented text book on the issue of international recruitment. The idea was quickly developed. It was implemented by a team of experienced HR professionals as well as consultants (from the sectors of cross-cultural management, immigration, as well as tax and social security law). The book attempts to cover as broad a range of topics as possible. The areas discussed are the recruitment of internal and external employees for foreign subsidiary companies, the acquisition of world-class leaders for the headquarters in the home country as well as the (re) integration of employees.

This book continues the thought process. It offers additional perspectives for international personnel management and addresses existing problem areas, as well as touching upon legal and social security issues. The publication offers advice on preparing for change, and on how to remain prepared.

The authors provide the readers with ideas for the successful implementation of international personnel management. This book is of particular interest for all HR professionals, HR managers and personnel managers who are already dealing with the topic or expect to do so in future.

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Gerhard Stähler (Ed.), Wolfgang Apel (Ed.): Strategien internationaler Personalbeschaffung: Personnel planning, recruiting and selection procedure, employee integration, legal basis

Stuttgart: Schäffer-Poeschel, 210 pages, ISBN 978-3791034447, €59.95

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Blog 2015 4 Buch Hr Strategien 211X300