The Digital Workspace 2025: Time for Holograms, Flexibility, and Mobility

by Sabine Steiner in — April 2019
A large number of millennials will join the workforce by 2025. Expectations for a more agile approach to collaboration are increasing. The need for innovative technologies is simultaneously increasing. Virtual reality and augmented reality in the workplace are two examples of this. A smartphone and a tablet will no longer be considered a benefit in 2025, but rather expected as standard.
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Everything Is Accessible in the Digital Workplace of 2025

Currently, the parallel use of multiple platforms, programs, and tools negatively effects the productivity of digital workspaces. For the workspace of the future, researchers are working on solutions that bundle all of the systems in use into one portal. This is an innovation that will make life at work easier.

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Working in the Car

Megatrends like carsharing, self-driving cars, and vehicles that let people interact with their interiors are introducing new possibilities. The goal is to keep us in cars longer and use the time spent there for work and leisure. In other words, they want to create a mobile workspace.

Classic Storage Media Are Out - Who Still Remembers Thumb Drives?

In the digital workspace of the future, no one has to worry about whether a thumb drive or access to a local drive will work. All data will be saved in and retrieved from the cloud. This makes data device-independent and accessible from anywhere. Clouds will get increasingly secure.

Say Goodbye to Broken Projectors and Bad PowerPoint Presentations

A projector and a PowerPoint presentation - a combination that gives many a cold shiver. How many hours has the average employee already waited on non-functioning projectors or gazed at ugly PowerPoint presentations? We will laugh about that in the future as we enjoy 3D holograms visualising our data. Perhaps we will even be manipulating the data with voice commands and gestures.

Company Mobiles, Tablets, and Laptops - a Blessing or a Curse?

As an employee, you ought to think about work-life-blending. If your employer gives you devices, you automatically take work home with you. You have to draw careful boundaries to avoid burnout.

Millenials and Digital Natives in 2025

Companies that want to have good personnel in 2025 need to think today about the workspace of the future. What are going to be the demands millennials and digital natives make of their workspaces and jobs?

That is why digitalisation has to be pushed today. Today’s employees must be informed about and included in the digitalisation process. Personal contact is still important, though. Meetings and phone calls ought to be encouraged, despite the bandwidth of the digital systems.

Workspace 2025 at a Glance

  • One portal for several tools
  • Data in the cloud and available anywhere
  • 3D visualisations in meeting spaces
  • Focus on the needs of generation Y and generation Z
  • Work-life-blending on account of constant availability
  • Work in the car and interact with it

Check out the Workplace 2025 white paper for more workspace trends.