Kaiser Stähler Rekrutierungsberatung (Talentor Germany Frankfurt) sponsors triathlon teams of MTV Kronberg

by Hana Hadzic in — February 2023
As of beginning of 2023 Kaiser Stähler Rekrutierungsberatung (Talentor Germany Frankfurt) is supporting the triathlon department of MTV Kronberg.

„Skills such as perseverance, tenacity, flexibility, structuredness and resilience that are required for triathletes are also important for the successful execution of recruitment projects in a human resources consultancy“, Jochen Markgraf, Director of Kaiser Stähler Rekrutierungsberatung, who is also an active thriathlete himself, explains. The cooperation is planned for four years. „That is why triathlon and the athletes themselves are ideal „advertising media“ for representing the Talentor brand in different national and also international competitions“, Jochen Markgraf adds.

The sponsoring is meant to benefit the work with children and youngsters and shall help to ensure the necessary infrastructure for the training of the three different disciplines (swimming, cycling, running) and the training of the athletes in the long run.

The women’s team will start in the regional league in the season 2023 with a perspective to reach the rise in the second national league, which they just missed last year. The men’s team will play in the second and fourth Hesse league. The kids‘ team will try to continue the very good performance in the HTV Cup (evaluation of an all-season contest).

We wish all triathletes from MTV Kronberg a successful and safe season 2023.

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