Premier Partner Meeting in Asia: Shanghai 2019

by Sabine Steiner in — March 2019
One very special feature of the Talentor partner network: our community from around the globe meets up in person twice a year. This builds relationships that add immense value both to the businesses and their clients. This year, the meeting took place for the first time in Asia.

Best practice sharing

Our Chinese Partner, Michael Wang, was our host in Shanghai. As always, laughter, smiles, hearty handshakes, and hugs livened up the scene as we all arrived. We started our Partner Meeting with by introducing our new partners from Singapore, South Africa, and the Netherlands. We learned more about their markets and opportunities for the group.

In our best practice sharing sessions we got new ideas for additional services like personal branding for candidates, RPO, Assessment Centres and testing as well as input on Video recruiting tools.

Blog 2019 Shanghai Meeting 2
Blog 2019 Shanghai Meeting
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Client Workshop

Michael Madely was keynote speaker on cultural differences. He also led a workshop together with Chinese customers. Michael has experience with many different cultures during his long career in the marine industry. We gained interesting insights into how to recruit people in China and what to watch out for.

Monica Fang, Senior Consultant at Celemi, made us develop different strategies in a business simulation in mixed groups. It was interesting to see different approaches to solve a problem.

Company Tour in Hangzhou

On Thursday we travelled to Hangzhou, in the south of Shanghai and visited Eastcom company. Eastcom is a total solution provider with electronic financials and communication networks. Currently, Eastcom products and solutions have been applied in more than 20 countries and regions worldwide and employs a community of 3000 people, of which over 70% are managerial and technical professionals. The tour took us back to the beginning of mobile phones and internet technology!

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Nightlife in the city

One of the charms of being part of an international network of like-minded people is the chance to enjoy fun times together. The meeting in Shanghai was no exception. Michael Wang, our Chinese Partner, organised delightful evenings and took us to traditional places. We spent a fun night at a Karaoke bar discovering our “showbiz talent”. The sightseeing tour through Shanghai was a highlight. The city is on Huangpu river and known as the "Pearl of the Orient" or the "Paris of the East". The waterfront skyline is very impressive. Its highest building, the Shanghai tower, is 632 meters tall. For Europeans it was amazing to see how a city manages 15 million inhabitants.

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