FAQ´s of potential new partners

Entering a partnership with Talentor is quite an exciting thing and needs some considerations. We have talked to many entrepreneurs across the globe and we are always hit on the same questions. Therefore we summarized the main and frequently asked questions of potential new partners for you. With our transparency, we hope to have a positive influence on your decision for a partnership with Talentor.

Do we have to give up our strong local brand?

No, you don’t have to give up your local brand or company name. We want to win new partners who already have a strong presence in the recruiting market in their home country. This usually means a certain level of image/brand awareness. We do not want you to give up this local prominence.

Therefore, we have developed a co-branding concept, which allows for the coexistence of two brands. We want you to use Talentor branding for international projects with our partners or when communicating to your clients. We also want you as a representative of your location on our website. A good example for co-branding is our partner in Norway.

His Talentor presence looks like this https://talentor.com/location/norway/;

you can find his local company brand and website here http://capus.no/

How do you share information with the whole network?

We have a monthly partner call, during which we exchange news about current projects, new clients, or changes in local organizations.

For sharing documents/templates/presentations we use Talentor Intranet. Every partner can access and post or download information:

  • Cross-border project list - every partner who sells or receives a project gives detailed information in this listing
  • News - e.g. a new partner has entered the network; we are having a Sales Event in Germany
  • Organizational topics – like the telephone list of all countries, guidelines for the technical systems we use
  • Marketing - presentations, guidelines for LinkedIn profiles, images, logos, business cards
  • Events - documentation of our annual meetings, pictures, summaries

Moreover, we have a quarterly newsletter to all Talentor employees informing about latest news within the network.

Can we use the research capacities of other partners?

Yes, you can use them. Some partners use the research capacities of other countries for several reasons:

  • Research in other countries needed
  • Lack of local candidates for different roles
  • Coordination of research in several countries for one search project is necessary, etc.

There are different arrangements within our network, depending on search profiles, time, volume and languages needed.

Do we have a common recruitment software?

No, not for all countries at the moment. Currently eight countries work together in the same Software/database. The others use local ones or self-developed solutions.

For 2019 we are looking for a more modern and powerful recruitment tool. We hope that as many partners as possible will switch to this new software. We can´t – even if we see only advantages if we do this – force all partners to move into a shared Recruitment Software. For this reason we will never have 100% coverage over all countries/partners.

How do you guarantee a certain quality standard across network?

We have a standard procedure for cross-border projects and documents that are minimum requirements for handling search projects. But all partners are very flexible and pragmatic.

Our main purpose is to meet the demands and requirements of the customer. Sometimes this means a short report every week about the status of the project; sometimes the client only wants to be involved when it comes to the presentation of the candidates. Some clients demand detailed reports on every candidate; other clients only need a summary of the TOP five candidates.

Usually the two project partners define their expectations in a short document so that every consultants involved in the project know what to do.

What about exclusivity for one country?

Our aim is to have ONE partner for ONE country. This partner should cover a range of different industries and is thereby our exclusive partner for ALL projects in this country. In some countries where the market is very segmented, or the country is very big it is possible that a partner has no exclusivity and he is only focused on a special industry sector (Example: only IT sector and IT positions.) or a certain region (eg. China – Shanghai)

In that case we can include another Talentor partner in this country who then covers other segments or the rest of the market. We have defined rules about who gets which projects.

Do you insist on a certain size or legal form for a partnership?

We have different local structures within Talentor, such as small countries with a low GDP and a small team, and bigger countries with a high GDP and bigger teams. The primary qualifications we are looking for are professionality, a deep background in the (executive) search industry, and a stable local business. You must have a legal entity to make a contract with Talentor International.

If my company has a search project for a location where a Talentor Partner has exclusivity, do I have to involve the partner in the project?

In principle, yes, because this is the basic idea of the network: exchanging projects or candidates cross-border and using the local know-how of the partner abroad (who is also paying for their Talentor partnership). But there may be reasons why a partner in a country is unable to deliver or participate in a project. In this case you and the local partner should discuss other options how to manage the search project.

How does integration of a new partner look like?

When you join as a partner, we start with a one or two-day “Starter Seminar” at your office where we introduce the Talentor group to your employees. We give information to your consultants about how to sell Talentor to clients and discuss all organisational topics. Moreover, we support you actively to introduce you to the most important Talentor partners/countries from your perspective (regional or industrial focus)

We integrate you on our Talentor website, send out a press release and newsletters to our clients. We promote you as our new partner on all social media channels and other economic associations where we are member. From the very beginning you take part in our monthly partner calls where we exchange market information and success in ongoing projects.

It is up to you to get in touch with your Talentor colleagues actively and to try to find synergies for sales or identify common customer contracts you could work on.

We have learned that it is critical to build up a personal relation with your colleagues from Talentor. That way they can present you to their customers and generate additional business for them and for you. Talentor partners tend to see their colleagues as part of their “business family”. Our cooperation in many cases leads to friendship.

What synergies do you use in the network?

We have a special arrangements with LinkedIn for using its Talent Recruiting products in the group.

Some partners use the research capacities of other countries for several reasons: no own research, research in other countries needed, too few local candidates for different roles, coordination of research in several countries for one search project is required, etc.

We offer marketing support for items like the design of business cards, regular newsletters to your customers and candidates, support for business events, the design of roll-ups, blog articles you can spread to your network

We are continually trying new tools for finding candidates or improving our processes and workflows. We bring this experience to the network and share best practices. We try to convince partners to use one standard Applicant Tracking System as this brings significant synergies and is a real argument customer like. This is work in progress and needs a lot more effort from our side as we have to convince partners that this is a real asset.

Do the employees know each other personally?

Yes, most of the people know each other personally. All the partners meet twice a year: every spring we have our Partner Meeting (2 days with agenda on different topics), where only Partners (CEOs) meet.

In the autumn we meet for a Summit (2 or 3 days event), where all partners bring their employees. Besides professional exchange, we arrange team and trust building activities which we feel are the basis for cooperation in international business.

Connecting with colleagues on an international level and having fun at our events are also criteria partners mention when they join Talentor.

What is the vision for Talentor’s future?

  • We want to grow and become more global (South America, Asia, Africa) and we want to cover Europe even better than now. Our aim is to have 50 Countries/Partners until 2025!
  • We want to develop Talentor into a well-known brand in Executive Search that is state of the art in all Talentor countries.
  • We want to adapt and develop our services to market needs and focus on innovation.
  • We commit ourselves to push cross-border activities within the group and thus achieve the greatest possible output for our partners.