Executive Search

Benefit from our innovative approaches to find the world's best senior talents. Direct Search was yesterday, now it is Active Sourcing.

Our most experienced consultants are supported by our research teams and work hard, to meet agreed upon deadlines and ensure delivery of successful assignments. We will undertake thorough candidate and market mapping to identify the best candidates in the market. This process identifies target companies and individuals and produces extensive benchmarking information, such as average salary levels and competitor information.

Professional Search

Talentor has placed many of the world's leading professionals. Our local consultants have in-depth knowledge of candidates in different industries.

Our consultants have in-depth knowledge of different industries and know how to approach highly qualified candidates. Searches using social networks have become an integral part of our work. This new channels require our recruiters and consultants to have strong communication and online marketing skills.


Companies might come across situations where it is necessary  or inevitable to restructure the organisation, reduce staffing and ask someone to leave. Outplacement service ensures a smooth and painless transition into the new situation for the company and offers the leaving employees emotional support.

Outplacement will help

- managers to effectively carry out the leaving process by reducing the tensions emerging from implementation of complex decisions

- the employer to maintain a good reputation, prevent decrease of the remaining employees' motivation and feeling of secruity about their jobs.

- the leaving employees to adapt to the situation, realistically evaluate their abilities and skills, also desires and expectations, thereby helping them to quickly find new suitable challenges and move on.

We also offer other HR services; together with the client we will find the most suitable solution.

Direct Recruitment

A traditional recruitment process normally takes between 1 and 3 months. But not everyone can wait that long. In Express Recruitment the order is reversed, and candidates are brought in before making contact.

Good candidates quickly disappear. Express Recruitment can resolce this matter swiftly. The direct recruitment process takes considerably less time, usually only about between 1 to 3 weeks. It is important however that efficiency should not compromise quality. Therefore all candidates are interviewed before their data is entered to the Express database. Later the candidates often undergo various tests to ensure areliable assessment of each individual case.


4 key indicators of a successfully conducted executive search

You have already used the services of recruitment agencies but you do not understand how they operate and what the differences in their services are. You have requested a direct search but you are not certain whether you paid what you requested. You would like to know who the participating candidates were and what they … read more

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Sabine Steiner  is your Contact person:

Sabine Steiner is our Partner Manager and is responsible for ensuring that our network continues to grow. She supports our partners in developing their businesses and presents new approaches and trends in executive search methods.


Your benefits:

Learning from the best in your industry

Carrying out cross-border searches with high-quality, reliable partners

Getting inspired by new trends and innovative approaches


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