Executive Search for Michelin Romania

by Irina Pintoi in — November 2015
Industries, markets and the world of work are changing – companies from Romania also have decisive inolvement in this megatrend.. One of these international clients is Michelin. The renowned tire company has 112,300 employees worldwide of 120 different nationalities and produces over 178 million tires at 68 sites in 17 countries.

Interview with Recruitment Manager at Michelin Romania

Michelins mission is to help advance the mobility of goods and people, enabling freedom, safety, and efficacy and the pleasure of movement. From tires for passenger cars to tires for aeroplanes and agricultural machinery to services for tourists on the road, we aim to offer each customer the best product, adapted to his demands and expectations. Michelin is committed to improving the mobility of people and goods through the quality of the products and services it offers.

Michelin in Romania:

  • 3 Production factories (2450 employee)
  • Headquarter for ECS located in Bucharest
  • Share Service Platform

We talked to Raluca Dolan. She is responsible for Recruitment, onboarding and Training Manager at Michelin Romania. Raluca Dolan is representing Michelin Romania, our partner for two years, for whom our dedicated technical unit has placed emplyoees who work at their factories as well as their main office.

Mostly I appreciate Talentor Romania for understanding rapidly our business needs in term of recruitment speed and quality of process and candidates!

Raluca Dolan

Talentor Romania: Mrs. Raluca DOLAN the topic of “skills shortage” refers to both large enterprises and SMEs. How strong you are affected?

Raluca Dolan: One of Michelin values is “respect for people” and one of the ways of proving this value is the fact that we invest in peoples’ development. There are training master plans for each type of job which are helping managers to design individualized training plans. In this way, we succeed in being agile in covering any possible gaps from educational system or “skills shortage” and, moreover, reaching our employees’ maximum potential.

Talentor Romania: What activities have started for the strengthening of HR marketing and employer branding? To what extent does professional recruiting have an impact on the employer brand?

Raluca Dolan: We are active in developing partnerships with universities by organizing events for students; our approach is to support students’ development, to help them know themselves better, and to improve skills for facing their future professional life.

We have also proposed internship programs which helped both students and us, as an employer, to detect future talents and professional career paths.

Professional recruiting has a high importance in supporting the employer brand: today we live in a connected world and any small error made in recruitment can strongly affect company’s image, not only as employer, but also as important player on the market.

Talentor Romania: What is your experience in working with recruitment companies? How do you see this industry?

Raluca Dolan: We often rely on external support in recruitment, mainly when there is a pick in our activity or when we target rare profiles on the market and we have had both positive and negative experiences. The company we are working with needs to be a real partner, have same goals and be part of our recruitment strategy. We see them as allies for reaching common goals. Trust and openness helped us build the relation we have today with Talentor.

How do you experience collaboration with Talentor Romania? What is different compared to other consultancies?

Raluca Dolan: What defines our relation is the attributes mentioned before: strong trust and openness: Talentor succeeded in building a trustworthy partnership relation; they proved to be flexible, always available and, even when we had difficulties, they gave their best in helping us!

The major difference between Talentor and other consultancies companies is the fact that they always answer “what I can do to help you?” and it’s not only a slogan, we felt this support in practice.

At Talentor Romania we appreciate…

  • Customer approach
  • Reaction speed
  • Never give up
  • Recruiting skills
  • Integrate feedback and improve on the way
  • The fact they care 🙂

With this case study we would like to bring share insights about our Technical Unit, where we are always engaged in finding the best talent for our partners. Relying on a vast database of profiles, the latest recruiting tools and the talent and abilities of our team, we are tackling the automotive industry with focus and determination.