Manto Antoniotti Solares —
May 2021

Together we are much stronger: The experience working as Talentor International partners

We firmly believe that every new contact, every new connection can enrich our lives. Networks are part of our lives. What we make out of these contacts that cross our lives is up to us. If you do not use them, you will lose one of life's most valuable treasures. Here is a good example of what you…
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
March 2021

European Cooperation: Spain and Germany Conduct an Executive Search Process Together within Talentor International

Recently at Servitalent, as Talentor Spain, we had the opportunity to collaborate closely and pleasantly with one of our partners in the network of headhunters Talentor International, Talentor Germany.We had a long conversation with Gerhard Stahler, CEO of Talentor Germany and discussed the…
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
February 2021

The collaborative experience between Spain and the USA within Talentor International

A Spanish industrial company, leader in its sector with international subsidiaries, wanted to boost its market development in the USA. Talentor Spain (Servitalent) made an interesting interview with Ken Schmitt, CEO and Founder of Talentor’s american partner, TurningPoint Executive Search, about…
Irina Pintoi —
November 2015

Executive Search for Michelin Romania

Industries, markets and the world of work are changing – companies from Romania also have decisive inolvement in this megatrend.. One of these international clients is Michelin. The renowned tire company has 112,300 employees worldwide of 120 different nationalities and produces over 178 million…