Manto Antoniotti Solares —
December 2023

Relationship marketing in the Executive Search Business

Companies are managed by people… this is not news, but it is new to think that what makes them human is the set of individuals (people) with unique ideas, aspirations and principles that make up those companies. That is why it is very important for companies to take these human factors into account…
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
August 2023

How digital strategy can help to find and onboard new employees?

It is not uncommon for all professionals to resort to digital tools and strategies nowadays. Moreover, the digital world is increasingly present in our daily lives, and companies dedicated to different human resources services are no exception.
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
May 2023

Recognizing the value that HR gives to the organization through stereotypes

Last May 20th we celebrated the International Human Resources Day, a celebration well known in the people and business world that we wanted to echo in Talentor International for the second consecutive year with the support of our partners!
Hana Hadzic —
April 2022

Headhunting - Looking for new talent... a German podcast story

When and why do companies actually need a headhunter? The hosts Marco Dadomo and Sarah Janczura from VDI, the Association of German Engineers, talk about this question with our German partner Jochen Markgraf in their podcast ‘Technology on the Ear’. Jochen is the Managing Director at Talentor…
Hana Hadzic —
May 2021

8 Ways to Promote Diversity and Inclusion as a Business

There are good reasons why the topic of diversity and inclusion is one of the top recruiting trends in 2021 (and beyond): studies show that diverse, inclusive teams are not only more performant, but also that they make companies more attractive to potential employees. Discover how you can use…
Sabine Steiner —
April 2021

Offboarding: When Employees Leave the Ship

Is a quiet goodbye the right move when an employee leaves your company? Or is this the perfect opportunity for employers to applaud loudly, spread red roses, and say a loud “thank you!” Over the past few years, onboarding has come into focus. Now it is time to give the same attention to exit…
Manto Antoniotti Solares —
November 2020

Communication 2.021

An analysis of how communication in professional relations has changed and will change in 2021.

10 Steps to a Successful Employer Branding Strategy

Would you buy an anonymous product from a disagreeable vendor with bad online reviews? We wouldn’t, either. Just like products, businesses have a brand or an image that lives inside the heads of their employees and candidates. The employer brand ought to communicate what a business stands for and…

Personal Branding for Recruiters: How to Improve Your Online Presence

Things used to be much simpler. Hardly anyone had a public platform – what you saw is what you got. Now in this digital, transparent world, nearly everyone has become a self-promoter, whether they want to or not. After all, not being visible online also sends a message these days. That should be…
Marketing Team —
April 2020

The Critical Role of Employer Branding in Executive Search in the Age of Industry 4.0

Are these employer branding mistakes sabotaging your ability to succeed in the era of digitalisation?
Thomas Zembacher —
March 2020

Remote Onboarding - Tips for Virtually Integrating New Employees into the Company

Good onboarding was already important for incorporating new employees into the team before the corona crisis. Now the big question is how to conduct onboarding successfully in times of social distancing. Good onboarding has always been about giving new employees a sense of security and taking their…