Headhunting - Looking for new talent... a German podcast story

by Hana Hadzic in — April 2022
When and why do companies actually need a headhunter? The hosts Marco Dadomo and Sarah Janczura from VDI, the Association of German Engineers, talk about this question with our German partner Jochen Markgraf in their podcast ‘Technology on the Ear’. Jochen is the Managing Director at Talentor Germany, Kaiser Stähler Rekrutierungsberatung GmbH, and he talked to Marco and Sarah about when companies actually hire a headhunter to search for candidates and how social media can be a support.
Talentor Germany

Jochen Markgraf

What is a headhunter?

Headhunters are hired by companies to find candidates for open vacancies. Translated as “headhunters”, personnel consultants look for suitable applicants for a position. As a rule, headhunters work for companies and address candidates on business networks such as LinkedIn or Xing, for example. Engineers and IT specialists in particular are often poached away.

Why do companies hire a headhunter?

'As a rule, it is about filling a popular position. Some companies may have placed an ad beforehand.' The companies are also aware of the difficulty of filling vacancies and the resources involved, according to the headhunter. 'Sometimes the competition should not have any knowledge of the development of a new business area', adds Jochen.

Engineers are often seen as sought-after workers who have no trouble choosing jobs. Jochen reveals whether they actually respond to direct inquiries. ‘Before sending a message, a thorough research of the profile is required. There's a lot of work behind it. The contact also receives many inquiries. Interest must have been aroused by then.’

Headhunting: Personal development is important for candidates

Whether the new position represents a career advancement is important to Jochen as a headhunter. In addition, there would be the specified location and how far away it is from a possible new employer. ‘The approach shouldn't contain too much information either, because that can quickly bore the candidates,’ in Jochen's opinion.

In the VDI podcast, Jochen reveals how you can imagine the everyday life of a headhunter: Podcast Talentor Germany (only available in German)

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