Riga 2022 – A Talentor reunion in challenging times

by Sabine Steiner in — April 2022
For most Talentor countries, the year 2022 began with a bang: business surged by multiples, project volumes were high, and talent markets were changing like never before. Our community also gathered for more than a year solely through MS Teams, as the industry changed into a completely virtual environment.

‘’You’re on mute’’. ‘’You’re breaking up...’’. ‘’I’m walking and will put my video off’’. ‘’Today my connection is bad’’. ‘’My child needs the stronger internet for home schooling’’. ‘’You can write in the chat’’. ‘I’ll mute everyone now’’...

It's time to focus on seeing everyone on the Talentor Team in person once again. The second in-person Partner Meeting after Vienna 2021 took place in Riga, Latvia. We are delighted that many Talentor partners still made the trip to Riga and committed their most important and rare resource - their time – to meet, reconnect, share business and personal stories, and gain a fresh perspective on HR trends, especially in those challenging circumstances. Oh, meeting everyone after those special and volatile times felt so, so good...No-one on mute, only space for learning and full volume connection.

During the last weeks, the Talentor Community supported our teams in Ukraine with all efforts, wishes, donations, and initiatives one month after the world witnessed the worst humanitarian crisis of the century. Talentor Ukraine developed a video and business update that was shown at the start of the meeting, and everyone was moved by the local team's compassion for their work, ongoing business, ideas, and strength.

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A two-day program guided all attendees and virtual participants from across the world through a packed agenda, creating a fantastic environment for learning and sharing about:

  • Talentor International Updates and collaboration insights
  • Connecting with all Talentor partners and learning about their business operations on the inside
  • Daniel Marwan, CEO and Founder of epunkt, gave a keynote speech on how to develop a successful recruiting company, offering his thoughts on how to revolutionize the sector in Austria, overcome challenges, and develop a culture of continuous innovation.
  • We've committed an entire morning to exchanging about practices that genuinely make a difference in our clients' satisfaction index, about establishing new interim management services, and re-designed the eco-system of our consultants that they need to grow.

No partner meeting is complete without some serious fun, selfie moments, dinner times, Riga sightseeing, and hilarious moments that we will all remember. Those moments strengthen our relationships even more, and nothing beats a shared experience in a bustling city like Riga, which most of us had never visited before.

Thank you for coming to Latvia, for our exchange and time together, for providing business insights and new project ideas... and a special thank you to our Talentor partners in Latvia, Gunita and Agata, and their team: Thank you so much for organizing this year's partner meeting, and for assisting us in creating a true business and learning experience in your country!

See you all soon again... in September, we'll all be in Rome for the Talentor Summit 2022!

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