Talentor Initiatives - Reinventing IT Outsourcing

by Gertraud Eregger in — March 2022
We observed unique initiatives, connection calls, the onboarding of our new partner in South Africa, and a powerful human connection all caring for our colleagues in Ukraine during the first quarter at Talentor.

We'd like to share the project that our Danish and Czech partners hosted in February. Barbara Hansen, Talentor's International Key Account Manager in Prague, proposed conducting a joint webinar with Sara Juhl, our Danish partner, to examine IT outsourcing opportunities between the two countries.

Talentor Czech Republic

Barbara Hansen

Barbara, you co-hosted the webinar with Sara Juhl, the founder of Bloom, and our Danish Talentor team: What piqued your interest in bringing together IT, HR, and political stakeholders from Denmark and the Czech Republic?

We have experienced, that Czech candidates really enjoy the Scandinavian culture and therefore we are searching for opportunities to cooperate with Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

What is so special about scandinavian companies?

They offer flat structure, true work-life balance, respectful and fair treatment of employees. We were lucky that the Embassy of Denmark supported our event together with Dansk Industri.

Emp cz barbara hansen cechova
Talentor Denmark

Sara Juhl

What were the most important takeaways for you, Sara?

It was great to see that many companies were curious to learn more about how outsourcing to the Czech Republic could work. Also, I enjoyed that our Danish Embassy and the largest employer organization Danish Industry would support this initiative.

Sara, tell us more...what are the major benefits for both Danish companies outsourcing their IT to the Czech Republic and the Czech IT industry as a whole?

As it is extremely difficult to find enough IT specialists in Denmark, it is a great advantage to outsource part of the R&D department to other countries. And the Czech specialists are very well educated, and I have the impression that their culture is close to the Danes. Also, the fact that we are in the same time zone counts in the day-to-day cooperation and of course that their salaries are cheaper than the very highly paid 'IT primadonnas' in Denmark.

Sara, what are some of the challenges you see as still needing to be conquered in order to achieve even more mutual benefit?

The Czech Republic isn't exactly a household name in Denmark when it comes to IT outsourcing. Until recently, many organizations chose Poland, Romania, and Ukraine as their locations.

Another issue is that it is difficult to recruit Czech IT expertise to relocate to Denmark, which would be beneficial to some businesses. In addition, salaries in the Czech Republic are rising, and finding qualified IT personnel is becoming increasingly challenging.

Thank you for continually coming up with new ways to collaborate and putting those ideas into action, Sara and Barbara!