Hana Hadzic —
September 2023

Talentor Talk - Research Round Table: Navigating the Candidate Market

In the latest Talentor Talk, we had the pleasure of sitting down with two remarkable researchers from Talentor International to discuss the current landscape of candidate searches and the challenges faced in the ever-evolving job market. Micaela Cardell from Talentor Sweden and Pernille Stein…

Talentor Talk - Talent and Retention Management

We are thrilled to welcome Yoni Szpiro, founder of Generations Recruitment, our local Partner in Belgium, to our third Talentor Talk about Talent and Retention Management. Yoni has 22 years of experience in recruiting and founded his company in 2009 with the ambition of changing the perception of…
Gertraud Eregger —
January 2023

Talentor Talk - Recruiting different Generations

We gladly welcome Jan-Philipp Schwarz, Business Manager at Coopers Group and our Talentor Partner in Switzerland, as well as Iris Rogmans, Senior Recruitment Consultant at Independent Recruiters, to our Talentor Talk Stage. Iris and Jan-Philipp have a combined total of more than 21 years of…
Gertraud Eregger —
September 2022

Talentor Talk - Cultural Awareness in International Business

Talentor created a new series of brief Talentor Talks. The first one takes us into the leadership secrets of working in a global business, and how we can thrive both at work and in life when we live abroad.