Unraveling the Marketing Practice Group at Talentor

by Manto Antoniotti Solares in — June 2024
Talentor's Marketing Group was formed in September 2021, after Talentor launched an open invitation to all its global partners encouraging them to involve the members of their teams who were responsible for marketing tasks within the companies or for all those who wanted to join efforts in this area. And so, the whole story begins!

Since its beginning, the group seemed motivated to learn and act. This is confirmed by the fact that most of its original members are still part of the group, which to date has been consolidated by more than 30 voluntary members from different countries.

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What does Talentor’s Marketing Practice Group consist of?

The Marketing Practice Group is the space shared by a group of professionals in their area, willing to learn, develop and support marketing campaigns and efforts for the benefit of their companies and our network, to make Talentor known in every corner of the world and to highlight what it means to be part of this community and how we can help our global clients and candidates.

More precisely, it is a group of professionals that meets regularly to exchange ideas, best practices, and experiences in the field of marketing; a group that also develops campaigns and initiatives applicable to the companies/ local markets and creates a group effort to create an aligned marketing mindset for the whole network.

What does the group do for the Talentor community?

We know and understand that our partners companies and markets are very diverse, that is why we intend to promote marketing ideas and initiatives that are adaptable to the needs and goals of our global partners.

What we aim for is to consolidate and enhance the partnership and that our partners can rely on us at Talentor International when having a presence and delivering their strategies on the internet, social media, events and other media/ channels of interest.

The Talentor brand strategy that the group delivers seeks the improvement of positioning and alignment of the global partners with the Talentor brand's values and objectives while resonating with target audiences across borders by building a strong and recognizable presence globally.

The Talentor network's digital reach has increased notoriously since 2021 (when the group started) and it consists of more than 258,900 followers/ people shaping our #TalentorCommunity.

“The campaigns we run within the Talentor marketing practice group make a real difference across the entire network. We’re not just using big words. At Popcorn Recruiters, we’ve noticed an increase in reach and engagement on our social media channels. Our Talentor related posts have seen a boost in impressions, indicating that we’re gaining attention."

- Amina Baždar (Recruitment Marketing Associate, Popcorn Recruiters/ Talentor Western Balkans)

Another aspect to highlight is that we seek to improve and foment personal and professional development for our group members. This can be accomplished by having a close relationship between members and also by providing training and presentations from Special Guests from the marketing and recruiting fields that can be of great interest and help to our group. So far, we have had several Special Guests and experts outside our network in different topics of current interest like: Google Analytics, Social Media Trends, Relationship Marketing, Performance Recruiting, Presentation templates, Digital strategy and onboarding etc.

What can we highlight from the group besides the marketing expertise?

One of the most interesting aspects of our group besides the Marketing mindset is its diversity, by being conformed of professionals with different backgrounds and cultures the dynamic and the ideas that the group exchanges are very enriching. The group members exchange success cases, good practices, learning from their industry/ company or market, and maintain an open attitude to dialogue, commenting on different points of view, possible improvements, and ideas for cross-border cooperation.

What lies ahead for the Marketing Practice Group?

The group will continue to work for its crucial role within the network in elevating the visibility, relevance, and success of Talentor International by understanding diverse markets, crafting tailored strategies, and driving effective execution across borders.

Our wish from Talentor International, and mine as group head, is that the group continues to grow, forming and moving in the same direction. And that all, or most of, our global partners’ countries and companies are represented inside our group because everyone can see the positive benefits that the group brings to their companies and marketing- oriented team members.

“The marketing campaigns and initiatives within Talentor have a high value for us as partners, they help us to be more visible and to carry out high-impact actions in our companies and as a community. That is why Italy is present in the marketing practice group!”

- Gianluca Gioia (CEO, MCS Selection/ Talentor Italy)

Finally, it only remains to say that we will continue with the initiatives that we have made tangible so far. To mention a few: the HR Day campaign, the Talentor Talks, and many others that our group members are eager to support and work for! We thank all our Marketing Practice Group members for their wish to learn and for all the many efforts to enhance Talentor, but most of all for being proud to be part of Talentor.

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