The high value of cross-border projects within an international network: Talentor Collaborations

by Ilse Gerlagh in — December 2023
Recently Talentor Netherlands (Independent Recruiters) successfully initiated several Executive Search collaborations with various partners from the Talentor International network such as France, Czech Republic and Germany!
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The Dutch team received an inquiry from a client about finding a recruitment agency in France for an expansion manager in the retail sector. We promptly responded and connected Talentor France’s Practice Partner, Benoit Charasy, with this client, ultimately leading to a successful placement.

For our international clients, we always mention in the first contact or introduction that we are a part of Talentor International, a global executive search network. And as one of our positive results, one of those international clients in the intra-logistics field inquired about whether we had a partner in the Czech Republic. Naturally, we facilitated Talentor Czech Republic’s connection, and the first placements have already been made. A success story without a doubt! Additionally, the client's recruitment manager attended the 2023 Talentor Summit in Amsterdam and had an on-site meeting with our Czech partners.

As a final example of cross-border collaborative projects within Talentor, we have been working with our client Ecorus (sustainable energy transition) for many years. Our colleague, Eva Jansen, now works as an RPO recruiter for them and is responsible for the entire recruitment process. Ecorus has been experiencing rapid growth not only in the Netherlands but also in Germany. Something that undoubtedly brought a positive result within the network and for our partners in Germany. We quickly connected the client with Laura Fritz-Wilde, partner from Talentor Germany Duesseldorf (now bridging_n, formerly Bridging Neighbours). Eva had an introductory meeting with her, resulting in five successful placements!

As Laura mentioned “we are dedicated to supporting our international clients at every step of the journey because we know what it takes to land in a new country”.

These are our most recent examples of cross-border recruiting success cases where our team has identified the client's need and leveraged collaboration regardless of location. We are sure that many more projects will come and we are very happy to be able to continue collaborating with our global partners for many successes within Talentor!

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Ilse Gerlagh

Recruitment Consultant / Team Lead Sales & Marketing