Czech Republic and China join forces in cross-border recruitment

by Michael Wang in — March 2024
In today's interconnected world, the boundaries of business and recruitment are no longer confined by geographic borders. As companies strive to stay competitive and innovative in an ever-evolving marketplace, the quest for top talent has transcended local and even national boundaries. This paradigm shift has elevated the significance of international recruiting to new heights, becoming not just an option but a strategic imperative for organizations looking to thrive in the global arena.
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Recently in our Talentor community we celebrated and shared the success of a cross-border recruitment project between Talentor Advanced Search from the Czech Republic and Talentor China. Join the key players to discover the highlights and learnings of this whole process!

About the client

A company specializing in renewable and sustainable energy that innovates in solar electricity in the regions of Europe and Latin America. The company was founded in 2010 and is looking now to expand to a new market: China.

What does the client needed from Talentor?

The client was looking for a Project Buyer who is going to be working independently and remotely from China. Since the company will be entering a new location they also need consultancy in understanding the market and current situation of recruitment in that country, which may be very different from what they are used to in the European and Latin American region.

Exciting learnings when cooperating within the network

When we, at Talentor China, received the request from Barbara Hansen and our Czech partners to take over this recruiting process the first thing that we did was to communicate all the important information from the client and the situation that they were facing. Then the three parties took the first step of making the outreach call and defining the process and that's how it all went!

During the search process we found many possible candidates as the market situation had the peculiarity of having suffered a huge layoff of workers from multinatoional companies in the same area.

One of the biggest challenges that we overcome was that it was a home-based position, so we needed the ideal profile to cover the position: a strong independent candidate with a very proactive attitude.

Another challenge was crossing barriers, since we had to introduce the company to a new market (China), so we are happy to say that both, client and candidates, trusted in Talentor as the network provider of this process.

The process was almost over when it took an unexpected turn! Thanks to Michael's experience and strategic thinking, a finalist candidate was not pursued and the search process was started again, explaining to the client that what we sought out was a strong long-term relationship between them and their future employee. So the candidate needed to be the ideal one. Otherwise, the process would have to be repeated in a very short period of time. So the client trusted us and that is of great value!

- Barbara Hansen (Deputy Country Manager, Talentor Advanced Search)

Success factors when joining forces within Talentor

First of all, the close follow-up between us Talentor partners keeping our Czech colleagues in the loop. In addition to a close communication with the client. We tried to offer the client a quick response about the situation and the progress of the search process.

In China everything related to business moves very fast.
Candidates would expect a feedback from one week after the interview. Something very different to the situation in Europe, where things can take a longer time because of the Holidays or other agendas. We completely rely on our Czech partners so that they could make the client aware of these cultural differences and thus create a very smooth process.

And finally, the trust and conviction to work together. Barbara introduced us both, Talentor China and client, so we got to know each other in a close and trustful way and worked very well. We are sure there will be many more processes in China and in the different regions we can cover with this wonderful client!