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The Chinese market is big, but never easy. Cultural differences can be difficult for European companies to bridge. All the more reason to choose a partner specialized in helping multinational companies with recruitment and market entry. That is what Reno Consulting does best!

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Shaping future business

Emp Cn Michael Wang

Michael Wang


Michael started his executive search career in 2001 and has focused on assignments from Scandinavian companies. In 2007, he established Reno, a China-based HR consultancy, which provides HR consulting solutions for multinational and local SMEs. With a solid understanding of the Chinese business environment, Michael can provide management advisory in staff recruitment, employee relations, and performance appraisal.

Emp Cn Tracy Hu

Tracy Hu

Senior Consultant

Tracy Hu has a bachelor’s degree in International Trade. After graduation, she started her professional career in supply chain roles at a leading electronics manufacturing company. Her interest in human resources and communication led her to join MPS, a Finnish firm, in 2011. Tracy has a track record of placing successful candidates at the executive and middle management levels in European companies. Currently, Tracy is responsible for the Talentor Shanghai Office.

Emp Cn Cecilia Ye

Cecilia Ye

Emp Cn Katharina Zinz

Katherina Zinz

Consultant Sales

Established in 2007, Reno Consulting is a management consulting company specializing in assisting multinational clients in talent recruitment, organization development and market entry assistance in China. Talent recruitment is our core business and we are a fully licensed recruitment service provider under Chinese law.

Our Mission

  • Help our customer to find, retain and motivate their talents
  • Be a long-term partner and a full HR solution provider
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